100% fog.

yeah right – its been dead still in Sydney the last day or so and the Clear Outside app had fog at sunrise at 100% at 11pm so figured, that sounds like fun I’ll see if I can drag myself out and see some of that funky fog.

Check the app again at 545am before driving in and low and behold, like my eldest daughter, changed its mind … 60% fog and falling. Well i was going in anyway but to make matters worst, some clown planned a half marathon or something in the city on the same day… by the time i got there, the fog was at about 20% and the local fuzz at about 150% and high vis traffic controllers at 14K%

Here is a cool shot i like, no fake clouds, just a 200second exposure with the Kase Filters ND1000 magnetic.
At Barangaroo and the new Casino building.

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