well, since my lovely linux boxes work like a dream i spend very little time on them….i guess this is good….i will be however trying to get my email system up and running asap. Got all subdomains up and running, was all very easy…

If one more persons asks for help with there stupid computer i am going to go insane!

Spent half my saturday helping goair with their kickass computer system, all was going well until this stupid Delll server kept crashing when the modem was plugged in and used… probably had something to do with the fact that they say they say they do not support dialup modems with the truemobile router…figures…

Did i mention saturday was a beautiful day…and i spent most of it inside playing with that darn computer system.

Dropped off the cargo nets to grant, since i knew he would be working a saturday! Grant made the comment that the amount of work seems to be decreasing…probably due to the fact that everyone is leaving the airport due to the predicted increase in landing fees (60 bucks a tonne – that makes it one very expensive cct).

Got home around two and decided to get going to the pool. was very nice, getting busy again, which is good for the pool since they had nearly a month where no-one was there due to the heater being busted. pumped out 32 laps, which was good, hopefully get back to two sets of 20 laps soon….just gotta make sure i go twice on the w/e and once during the week and it’ll be sweet as.

went home and cleaned the bloody house…and attempted to fix that daft washing machine….

mental note for saturday: if someone asks “do u know much about computers?” reply with ” nope, dont have clue”! that will save me alot of time and heart ache!

First Solo Flight

Well after nearly 14 hrs of flying i have gone solo for the first time, and was i sweating bad…… Started off with normal cct, was a little high in the approach and a little late in the flare but we did not even feel the wheels touch!! Certianly helps when u have flown the last two lessons in 14-16 knot winds with a crosswind component of 10 knots!! Makes flying in smooth weather a breeze.

The second cct was a flapless, it was perfect, maybe a little high again, but hey, better to be high than too low right. Again the landing was greased in….The cct was looking pretty busy by this stage, maybe 4 other aircraft had joined, must have had something to do with the perfect weather for flying! Glide approach was next,keypoint i did maintain was my glide speed, got it straight away and maintained pretty well all the way! Did not even need flaps. Next was my worst, the darn go-round, the main reason i find this hard is when there is alot of traffic u really have to be situationally aware of the other a/c so u can slot in on the downwind leg. This was probably my best go-round, out of my huge total of 3!!.

Somewhere in there was the engine failure after takeoff…that was fine, man i hope that never happens in really life…you would be rooted. Finally a fullstop to let the instructor out and takeoff by myself!

I have to say my solo cct was pretty good, all radio calls and procedures were spot on, even with the increased traffic. It was amazing to see the difference in how the aircraft flew with only me in it…climbed like a bloody rocket!!! a rocket listing to one side tho!! My landing was great, flared at the right time, greased it in, took the second taxiway where i had to wait for more traffic taxiing along! Picked up instructor and recieved the congrads from the tower and it was all over. In all a bit of a non-event, especially since i hardly bloody slept the whole night before!

Mental note for next flight: do not become complacent as experienced is gained.

Flat Chat at work!!

Very busy week at work, mainly to do with the CASA212 Job, although a few extra little jobs thrown in always help in burning up some badly needed time! Went to mascot several time this week, things are happening fairly quickly but not much seems to be confirmed, there is alot of umming and ahhing about the location of units, i feel this will all even out tho as the project moves along.

ELT installation was finalised until the sparky decided ‘no we cant have it there’, thats great, especially after i completely finished the manufacturing and installation drawings for it, grrrr. The hanging shelf for the HF load unit is coming along nicely….a easy one since no can say ‘it cant go there’ (touch wood).

The aircarft is currently in bits, the complete interior and avionics have been stripped out! looks like an absolute dogs breakfast, but i guess the sparkies know whats going on! The aircraf has its first time inspection from CASA on the monday, that should be very interesting since the thing is in bits!!!

Thursday morning at 7am i went for my security clearance, passed the exam and am now considered ‘secure’ woohoo. Thursday was a long day.

Friday started with my first solo flight and ended at Execujet with a cargo-net job for a prominent mans Falcon 200. Bit strange since the bloody things had these nets installed for the last ten years with out any kinda approval. Oh well good way for us to make some money! Ended up doing some more work on the CASA212 while i was at Execujet! Spent most of the time listening to arthur explaining the finer points of his new homebuilt aircraft…i can see this is going to be painful!

Managed to get a look at some of the documentation for the CASA212 ski installation that AEA are doing, all looks pretty hectic! glad i have nothing to do with that!

Met up with Kane (original with WWW @YSBK) who is now doing all the sheet work on the ski install.

Saturday Flying

Went pretty good, very busy in the ccst, got some more experience at differing radio calls and more or less different situations, need lots more like this, mix it up, improve my failing situational awareness!! had a few interesting glide approaches, made more so with the increased traffic, couple of go-rounds, one of which i royally messed up…not next time tho! nice bit of wind on saturday also, luckily tho not much crosswind mostly just straigth down the runway!

No solo for me on monday due to the unavailability of the cheif instructor, thats fine with me tho!! more practivce on wednesday…will definitely get it all spot on!! Also had half a brief on crosswind landings…

Friday Flying!

More ccts, not the best ones i have done but i think i may be getting there. I guess the darn 15knot crosswind did not help, felt like i was flying in a bloody washing machine!! Nonetheless it was a good experience and need more like it, i have been lucky enough to always fly in the morning when it is quiet and smooth. So i booked a cct lesson in for peak hour traffic at bumville airport! that sound be a barrel of laughs. should be going solo on monday morning, we’ll see.

Day at Mascot airport – a long one!

Well last thursday was a very interesting day, started at mascot nice and early, first job at Execujet, dealing with the newly arrived CASA212, a MTOW 7700kg multi-role aircraft that will be utilized by the peeps going to the frozen south…nutters. For an aircraf that was manufactured last year it was very rough, i definitely expected it to be much more finished and smick!, its amazing the difference a small amount of finishing off can do to an aircraft, keep in mind these spainards are part of EADS ie the likes of eurocopter!

Nonetheless after a few hours of looking round and getting a preliminary idea of what was going to occur with this aircraft it was time to get lunch. We (Autoavia) are responsible for the structural certification side of things, while our counterparts AEA are responsible for the rest! This probably a good thing since the limited amount of time available to complete the job!

Well lunch finishes and I head over to EAAL for a bit of carpet treatment! U never get out of there quickly…..can spend hours there doing very little, or u get the ‘while ur here can u have a look at this’!! Pretty straightforward carpet replacement, just need to get the guys to chase down those darn FAR 25.853 certs. After a few hours at Eastern it was off to Execujet again to track down a few more details for the CASA212.

Off to bankstown about 4:30pm mainly since i had to go and help Goair setup their supercomputers…talk about overkill. 3 brand spanking new boxes, one server with WinSBS, which i have never used, but hey, no time like the present to start learning!! After a reinstall and some dicking around i was on the way home at about 9:30.