Re: Still alive and kickin!

DSC_1176.JPGAfter a lengthy period of worrying about whether or not Balls was going to survive (due to his lack of leaves), Balls went to bonsai class to get confirmation of whether or not he was in good health or not. Under Tina’s watchful eye, his remaining three branches were trimmed, revealing greenness and therefore that he was still alive.

It was decided that the main part of Balls would be put more under the dirt to give him a chance to make a fighting come-back. It will be interesting to watch his progress over the next couple of months- through winter and into spring!

Fingers crossed for a full recovery!!

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Density Altitude…

When it comes to good old-fashioned hangar flying sessions, one subject that almost never seems to be discussed is density altitude. The reason being, too many pilots do not know enough about the subject. Yet, because of the inescapable influence density altitude has on aircraft and engine performance, it is important that every pilot understand its effects. Hot, high, and humid weather conditions can change a routine takeoff or landing into an accident in less time than it takes to tell about it. There are three important factors that affect air density; ALTITUDE, TEMPERATURE, and HUMIDITY.


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