Monster Witchetty Grub

Monster Witchetty GrubWell maybe not quite a monster one but alot bigger than what I have ever seen! to provide some scale to the shell shown, the shell is at least 3.75″ long, that would make for one tasty meal…if I ate grubs….and if I could find him!

Check out this Fact Sheet (Giant Wood Moth and Witchetty Grubs) from

Author: Geoff Monteith
Queensland Museum
PO Box 3300, South Bank
QLD 4101 Australia
Phone: (07) 3840 7555


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The witchetty grub (also spelled witchety grub) is a term used in Australia for the large, white, wood feeding larvae of cossid moths (Cossidae), ghost moths (Hepialidae) and longicorn beetles (Cerambycidae). The term is used mainly when the larvae are being considered as food. The larvae are said to taste similar, probably because they have similar wood feeding habits. Edible either raw or barbecued, they are sought out as a high-protein food by Indigenous Australians. Most often, witchetty grub applies to large, typically 7 cm, wood-eating larva of various Australian moths, particularly the cossid moth Endoxyla leucomochla (aka Xyleutes leucomochla). It feeds on the roots of the Witchetty bush, which is named for the grubs. The grubs feature as Dreamings in many Aboriginal paintings.

Counterstrike Source Common Commands

gg_aim_ag_texture2-m0009.jpgfps_max Frame rate limiter.
cl_allowdownload <0/1> Client downloads customization files. Default: 1
cl_allowupload <0/1> Client uploads customization files. Default: 1
cl_autowepswitch <0/1> Automatically switch to picked up weapons (if more powerful) Default: 1
cl_c4dynamiclight <0/1> Draw dynamic light when planted c4 flashes. Default: 0
cl_c4progressbar <0/1> Draw progress bar when defusing the C4. Default: 1
cl_cmdrate Max number of command packets sent to server per second. Default: 0

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Sydney Park


Sydney Park has long been a frequently access park for me…..plenty of space for everyone and never too crowded… Shows what can be achieved with our waste land…..

Always a favorite spot for photos also!

Quoted from

The City of Sydney’s biggest park is not yet 20 years old. Much has been achieved to transform an industrial history of clay extraction and waste disposal into 44 hectares of parkland and a vital asset for the growing communities of the southern districts of the City. With development continuing in the southern districts, there is a growing community need for access to high quality open space.

The 2003 Master Plan prepared in conjunction with the Plan of Management has largely been successfully implemented and now represents the existing situation.

The Detailed Master Plan, builds on the foundation of the Plan of Management, addresses the need to establish a

meaningful vision for further improvements to Sydney Park as part of its ongoing development.

Future works to the park will establish an improved park landscape of greater environment stability and with wider recreation opportunity, so the park can cater for the growing numbers and diversity of users.”

Concrete Engineering (Well ok… its a Slab)

DIY Project – 12 hours of Pain!

dsc_3202.JPG36 Bags of premix concrete! Mixed in a wheelbarrow by hand! At 2 bags

per wheelbarrow mix at about 10 mins per mix and pour (this went to
about 20 mins towards the end!), do that maths and thats alot of hand
mixing, brings new meaning to RSI.

To make things worse, it was sunny all day long and then suddenly at
about bag 20 it started to rain! Out came the makeshift tent and carried
on. started at 9am, finished at 9pm. All things considered I reckon its
not a bad finish and not bad for my first concrete slab!

Most important lesson learnt? hire a cement mixer!

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