Don’t throw out that PSU!

SO… if you live in a dust bowl like I do you probably experience the pleasure of remove caked on dust from inlets, outlets, grilles boards…basically everything! From time to time I get a seized fan, depending on the cost and quality they can be given a new lease on life or it can be worth just chucking it and getting a new one. PSU fans are potentially the most under-rated fans in the system, with one of these stopping things can get very, very interesting.

I tend to get decent quality PSU where possible, these are typically, but not limited too, Antec and Silverstone. These usually have a single large fan or two slower fans, these fans can be hard to get, even though they are not soldered in. Here is an example of a Antec fan that seized and was repaired with a good clean and a few drops of machine oil. Any sewing machine oil is suitable, as long as it is light Machine oil.

Obviously do at your own risk since this can potentially void your warranty – Note the “No user-serviceable parts” decal!

Remove the cover of the PSU – note voiding warranty now!


Problem fan!


Fan mounted…


Remove the plastic sticker and clear plastic cover on the DC motor….there is a little plastic cir-clip which needs to be removed, this holds the fan into the assembly, without it, the fan will take off when started!


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Ever had that feeling that you know you have something…but just can’t find it! – Crawl, index, search

search.pngWell this is what I get all the time on computers, with enormous amounts of data, from work stuff, pdf librarys, drawings, pictures you name it. I am fairly careful about organising stuff and and fairly consistent in the backing up, but there comes a point where you need some form of effective search, I am not talking about the search crap that comes with any O/S, these take days to search thru pdfs and documents. Vista’s search has not yet convinced me either! So I went on a search for decent, opensource or at least free searching and indexing software. I am not fussed if it runs on a desktop or off a server thru a java applet or some other means.

I was looking for something that was relatively simple to install and configure, I dont mind tweaking stuff and spending a bit of time to get stuff to work, but taking days and days to install and sort out problems is not good enough! I wanted somthing that, ideally, could search thru MS format files, Open Office format files, pdf’s, generic text files and CAD files, it also had to provide results based on file name and path, not really much to ask. It is important to note that g$$gle provides some SOHO options for this kinda stuff, in particular the g$$gle mini, this little box would do most of what I need, but is limited to 200,000 docs and cost shitloads of money, probably would not reach 200,000 docs but the 6kUS is a killer… off to the alternatives I went :)

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Rainwater Tank Complete

dsc_3567_2.jpgSo after a marathon effort of installing a concrete slab for the rainwater, the next phase was to establish the 3500L tank on the foundation of get some of the water off the roof and into the tank. SO the tank is about 30-40 metres away on the other side of the house and weighs in at about 70kg, how do you move this bulky item? well do as the romans did, well kinda…. Layed out several planks and slid it along, worked very well and did not damage the tank at all. Positioned the tank on the slab and checked for the correct level, it is so damn level you could gauge the rest of the house of it, on that note its probably the only level thing on the property!

With a little rework of the existing PVC piping and I had rain water flowing into the tank not problems, I will get some more piping and mate a more professional job of it but for now, with rain coming down it should be fine.

Now if your wondering where to purchase a rainwater tank on the mid north coast, Camden Haven Tanks would be an excellent place to start, they specialise in “aquaplate” steel tanks which are BHP (or Bluescope, depending on their name today) steel sheeting with a food grade plastic lining. These guys get the sheet and roll the corrugations and form up tanks to suit whatever size you like!

Camden Haven Tanks

4 Flinders Drv, Laurieton, NSW 2443

p: (02) 6559 7421