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dsc_3977.JPGQuoted from: (excellent, informative site – the pic on the left is one of my many holes!)


Spider Bites

The Sydney funnel web (and a few related Atrax species) is unquestionably the most dangerous spider in Australia; the red back and the paralysis tick are the only other two arachnids with potentially fatal bites.

Geoff Isbister has authored a nice review of the management of spider bites on the Australian Prescriber website.

The AVRU has a page on spider identification with some nice photos and a description of their behaviour. The Australian Reptile Park pioneered funnel web venom milking and is the sole supplier of venom to CSL for antivenom production, and they now have a specific spider exhibit. If you capture a live funnel web please take it to one of their funnel-web collection points. Their comprehensive information about important Australian spiders makes fascinating reading.

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Coffee Update….


Well, after purchasing a cheap, but suitable tamper – which will keep me going until I get my custom one made up :) Things are looking pretty darn good on the coffee front….have not purchased a coffee from the cafe for over a week and I am still going strong!


Check out this one — note the cup supplied by sar’s Nan :)



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La Pavoni – Europiccola

dsc_3992_2.jpgSo after years of looking on ‘that auction site’ and visiting the local Distributor, conveniently located in Annandale Sydney (http://www.euroespresso.com.au/), I finally picked up one of these bad boys. The price was right, secondhand and only used a handfull of times I picked it up for about half the retail price – still alot for a freakin’ coffee machine. However considering I will save on my daily coffee costs it should be ok….

So, the La Pavoni Europiccola (http://www.lapavoni.com)is basically the base model in their range of Lever Handle machines, keeping in mind the only differences between the base model and the ‘Pro’ version is the inclusion of a pressure gauge (yes that looks cool) and a bigger boiler. So all things considered I am happy with the base model.

For once I did read up before plugging it in! I tested some crappy old old coffee that I had lying around…and surprise surprise..it was crap! Next try was with some fresher stuff in the freezer, this round tested out the cappucino nozzle thingy – WOW….that tasted better than the stuff I get up the road from my local Cafe!

dsc_3994_2.jpgThis is only gonna get better. However one crucial piece of equipment is required, a decent, and correct sized tamper, the one supplied was a 51mm which is too large for the 49mm basket – maybe one from here! http://www.coffeetamper.com.au/

or I will get one done up from a local machine shop!!

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