Chinamens Beach Rusty fence…

dsc_4211_2.jpgWell it was time to do the other end of Chinamens Beach, fortunately all my images are pretty ordinary since I left the VR (Vibration Reduction) on whilst on my tripod and also had ISO set to 1250 from the night before… what a crappy eh.. especially since I got up at the cracker of dawn…

Nonetheless there was some nicely composed pictures, which can be all viewed here….

The attached image is of, what appears to be, a fence of some sort to separate Chinamens Beach from the adjacent beach which is part of a military testing zone – probably has not been used for many years but ….

Well I will be up there again soon and this time, 3rd time, I will remember not to leave the ISO or VR on …. oh and it will be an absolutely magic morning.. :)

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Drafting Acroynms

2-PSS: Two-Part Polysulfide Sealant
2-PUMS: Two-Part Polyurethane Modified Sealant
@ At (the rate of)
& And
” Inch; Ditto (which means “same as above”)
# Number. or Pound
[circle with diagonal slash through it] Diameter, Round, Phase

A: Area, Ampere; Acre; Alcove; Compressed Air Line
AB: Anchor Bolt; Asbestos Board
ABV: Above

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Stealth Grub…..

dsc_3985_2.jpgCheck this cheeky monkey out….if we did not pick this guy up he would have had free reign on our Chilli plant for good….all credit has to go to evolution for this guys camo coat…

I would love to know what this guy is called or what family he is from!

That ‘search engine’ gives me lots of useful info about how to get Grub booting off a usb stick :/ yes I am interested in linux but come on… I am looking for grubbies….


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