Auburn Botanical Gardens – Sydney Minimeet

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The Auburn Botanic Gardens are set in on 9.2 hectares of lush parklands, where people can come to relax and enjoy the beautiful surroundings. Since the gardens opened in 1977, they have become a popular attraction for local residents and visitors to the area. Just 17 kilometres from Sydney CBD, the park features a spectacular Japanese Garden with traditional style Japanese landscaping including a waterfall, decorative bridges and ornamental trees set around a large lake.

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Sydney Park/St Peters Brickworks and Paracyclotosaurus davidi…

and wtf?! thats what I thought…

The brickworks are well known (well not so well know since I did not know :)  ) in paleontology for the discovery of a full, intact skeleton of a Paracyclotosaurus davidi in 1910. The 2.75 metre labyrinthodonl Paracyclotosaurus davidi was a prehistoric amphibian and the only known species to have lived in Australia.

Apparently there was also Insects including blattoids (sounds like something outta starcraft :) ), orthopteroids, and coleopterans