Roast your own….

coffe that is…piece of cake really, until the beans explode into flames…well not quite, but darn they get hot…

This runt mix was left for a week and it was not too bad, roasted in two batches, the first alittle bit under done and the second go was pretty spot on.

Typical temperatures ast this point at 450-500 degrees.

Falcon Brake Pads

Only do this every 2 or 3 years (could be longer) and I always forget how to change these darn things and hence it ends up taking 2 hours to do one wheel!

So key things to remember, firstly the obvious things, setup the car, loosen wheel nuts before jacking, ensure handbrake is on and the car is resting on the transmission also.

1) Brake Calipers pivot around the top bolt (fwd one), this bolt does not need to be loosened or removed, can’t bloody well budge it anyway:)

2) Remove lower bolt (aft) and pivot caliper about the upper bolt, this requires alittle compressing of the piston to release the pads from the disc. At this point ensure the cover on the brake fluid reservoir is removed.

3) Remove existing pads – note, brake disc dust is bad for not blow the stuff again :)

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Sydney Harbour Bridge

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The Sydney Harbour Bridge, also affectionately known as the ‘Coathanger’, was opened on March 19th 1932 by Premier Jack Lang, after six years of construction. Made of steel the bridge contains 6 million hand driven rivets. The surface area that requires painting is equal to about the surface area of 60 sports fields. The Bridge has huge hinges to absorb the expansion caused by the hot Sydney sun. You will see them on either side of the bridge at the footings of the Pylons.

Sydney Harbour Bridge is the world’s largest (but not longest as thats the New River Gorge in the USA) steel arch bridge, and, in its beautiful harbour location, has become a renowned international symbol of Australia.

Its total length including approach spans is 1149 metres and its arch span is 503 metres. The top of the arch is 134 metres above sea level and the clearance for shipping under the deck is a spacious 49 metres. The total steelwork weighs 52,800 tonnes, including 39,000 tonnes in the arch. The 49 metre wide deck makes Sydney Harbour Bridge the widest Longspan Bridge in the world.