Lady Carrington Drive Push-Bike Ride

If you have not done it yet…its about time you did, having no bike is no excuse, bikes, admittingly alittle rough, can be hired close by at the Boat Shed on Farnell Ave, this is the easist of the rides and you can do as much as you like, even the whole 18km there and back! It is pretty flat – probably best described as ‘undulating’ and does not take too much effort.

Take the time to stop and look at the various sityes and also check out teh river/creek, this time of year after the rain (and all the crap is washed away) it is amazingly clear and tranquil!

Nexuiz – Free fragging

Nexuiz is a free open-source first person shooter that runs on Windows, Linux and OSX.!

Nexuiz is a first-person shooter by Alientrap Software. It is a free game: source code is free software and data is free content. It is distributed under the GNU General Public License (GPL). Version 1.0 was released on May 31, 2005. The current version, 2.5.1, was released on May 1, 2009.

From Ethiopia to Peru

Recently got my first order from CoffeeSnobs, two lots of roasted beans totally 1kg, probably the most amount of coffee I have brought at one time! I really need to taste soem of the premo stuff to get an idea of where I am at with my super roasting skills ;)

Anyway, I can definitely recommend Andy Freeman from CoffeeSnobs, I ordered this on the Sunday evening and received them in the post on the friday – labbeled with a roast date of the wednesday! can’t get much fresher than that from mail order!

In terms of what I got;

Peru Ceja de Selva Estate
Organic certified at origin by Naturland this high grown coffee comes from an estate at the base of the Andes

I have only just had a single cup from this lot so far, still getting the grind right (currently at 10 on the rocky) but, wow, it is something else!

Ethiopian Yirgacheffe
Apparently only found in Yirgacheffe.

I have gotten through about 25% of this lot, nailed the grind at 11 or 12 on the rocky and depending on how hard I feel like tamping. This stuff is great, very mello and easy drink, can easily pull this through twice on the La Pavoni and still have a nice smooth taste  – very different to a typical espresso bean. If your into tasting various flavours, this one has a caramelly (is that a word) aftertaste/undertone.

The Ethiopia bean is the smaller of the two.

Hard at Work

The worms that is, these guys are going absolutely great guns, the population has increased and they are slowly moving up the penthouse suite. After some tramatic reno’s on their home, which invlove a complete clean and installation of some mesh on the middle level to prevent barry’s entering the lower level and facing their death!

The inclusion of several bananas, plenty of leafy vegetables and plenty of coffee grounds has made them very very happy. Removal of the upper level for inspection one is amzed to experience the level of heat that is generated by these guys hard at work, not to mention the racket they make when you take the top level off, its like the mass exodus to the depths!

It is quite amazing to see when the farm is healthly and there is a good turn over of food that there is little if no smell when th etop is removed, also the annoying little blowins are far and few between. When things were alittle worse for wear there was a whole host on other friends coming in for a feed – not any more, the worms have it!

Vivid Sydney

Pretty colours to make fugly buildings pretty again!

Awesome night out, push bike ride in to aviod the traffic, a little rain and the like but nonetheless good fun.

Smart Light Sydney will showcase beautiful and dynamic light art sculptures using innovative, smart technology on a free Light Walk around Sydney’s iconic harbour front precinct. The self-guided walk will start from Sydney Observatory and lead visitors through The Rocks, around Circular Quay to Sydney Opera House.

The Light Walk will feature sculpture, interactive and performance-based art displays, with Brian Eno’s light treatment of Sydney Opera House’s sails acting as the showpiece for the route. Eno’s innovative work will appear alongside light art displays from talented local and international artists at the cutting edge of smart design, including Warren Langley, Ruth McDermott and Tom Barker.

The sails:-

In a major artwork by Eno, Luminous launches with the lighting of the Sydney Opera House sails.

Like a freeform painting, Utzon’s masterpiece will glow with rich, continuously changing configurations of colour. Presented in association with Smart Light, the sails will remain lit for the three weeks of Luminous.

See Vivid Sydney for more