Indian Monsoon Malabar

Indian Monsoon Malabar is a typical dry-processed single-origin coffee from south India deliberately exposed to monsoon winds in open warehouses, with the aim of increasing body and reducing acidity

Monsooned coffees are stored in special warehouses until the Monsoon season comes around. The sides of the structure are opened and moist monsoon winds circulate around the coffee making it swell in size and take on a mellowed but aggressive, musty flavour. The monsooning process is labour-intensive: coffee is spread on the floor of the special monsooning warehouse, raked and turned around by hand to enable the green beans to soak in moisture of the humid winds. The monsooning process takes around 12 to 16 months, during which the beans swell to twice their original size and turn into pale golden colour. Then there are additional hand-sortings to remove any coffee that did not expand properly, and the coffee is prepared for export

Hardrive Failure – Read/Write Head

Always the worst kind of failure in the box…

The top few common causes of Harddrive Failure:

1) Physical abuse failure – this can be from transportation, dropping or even normal wear and tear in a laptop environment, HDD’s are very delicate items and when you get the nust and bolts of it, its precision disk spinning bloddy fast with a needle on it, remember what happened when you bumped the record player?! Basically head crashes are the most common physical failure. So next time windoze drops the BSOD on ya, resist the urge to smack that bitch-ass computer around :)

2) Heat – I reckon this rates pretty high, plenty of times when transferring data from one drive to another outside of a case and its quite incredible how hot the casing can get, almost to the point of not being able to touch it! Keep those drives fan cooled at all times, at the very least ensure the primary drive is fan cooled.

3) Power malfunction – power surge, static, lightning strike, whatever…these are all ways to zap a drive, always use a surge protecter, don’t run around the house in your sunday best shoes on teh carpet then touch the hardrive :) and well lighting…cross ya fingers…

Nonetheless, fun and games aside, lets look at that HDD head closely…

La Pavoni

Still going strong, after nearly blowing her up and averaging 2 runs a day, this is the best coffee machine i have ever had…hangon…the only one, but hey..

On a side note, its amazing what you can Light Paint! Testing out the new Fenix TK40

Updating BIOS MSI P45 NEO2 Motherboard

After many crashes, broken transfers, lost data I got jack of this machine taking a dump on me. In a nut shell, and saving 3 pages of the the process and pain to get there a single BIOS update has sorted out all the issues…

Typically I found the box was almost guaranteed to crash if I was copying data from one harddrive to an external one or a network drive, this developed into sporadic crashes whilst using fairly memory and cpu intensive programs, ie CAD software and sometimes CSS. I put up with this for quite sometime, thinking that it was possibly those dodgy 7200.11 Seagate harddrives, however after flashing the harddrive firmware, which by the way is a first for me and also a very deep breath…and… replacing the hardrive (after it got full) I thought, well hangon, it probrably ain’t the HDD *click*.

So, when i say crashed, took a dump etc, basically I got nothing, nada, nuttin, not even a BSOD! that would have been welcome?! Since things seemed to get a bit worse over time, I thought, why not take this opportunity to updagre to the next M$ version, that so happened to be Win 7. Maybe that will solve my problems. Well after installing windows 7 only to find it crashed with ever so much more with consistent frequency i was ready to smack something. BUT, it did give me some tasty BSOD’s. Some research later and some very wild and varied BSOD’s, for example,





I began to head towards the idea that my RAM was bad, but handon, didn’t i Memtest that yonks ago to rule that out? Now I was trully stumped, so off to buy some more tasty RAM, fyi i got some of that OCZ DDR2 800/1067 stuff that was pretty cheap and had a lifetime warrnaty. Swapped over the RAm thinking great…time to stop these crashes…..blam..crashed just after I thought that..expletives later…i calmed down and thought very seriously about buying a new mobo.

Well, as a last resort lets update the BIOS, maybe there is a new version out, low and behold, I was running V3.0 and the later version was 3.4

3.2 Update Date 2008-09-02
Description – Update CPU Micro Code.
– Improved memory compatibility.

3.3 Update Date 2008-11-20
Description – Update CPU Micro Code.
– Support L2 function.
– Support 1000GB HDD.
– Improved memory compatibility

3.4 Update Date 2009-03-09
Description – Update CPU Micro Code.
– Improved memory compatibility.

oohhh..this is looking promising me thinks…So its been a few years since i have flashed a BIOS and I am not the kind to do any of this BIOS from within windows flashing crap, so I thought, floppy drives…i aint got one of those stoneage devices in my box…

After tracking one down and finding some dusty floppys and spending an hour trying to get a single decent formated floppy it dawned on me that the 4mb BIOS file was not gonna fit anyway…expletives later….fine then I will burn the bios to a CD and boot using the UBCD into Freedos or similiar. Finally after a few attempts I go FreeDos running and was able to excute the supplied BIOS flash utility and flash the BIOS.

And, zomg, it has been fun and games ever since. I have run Memtest for a whole day with not errors, almost cooked the computer doing it but hey…

So, at COB we have:

Lost time, probably about 5 nights

Cost: New Hardrives + RAM

OS: now Win 7.

fsck.ext3 unable to resolve UUID missing harddrive?

Sounds like corrupt partition? maybe, maybe not, nonetheless a real real pain in the ass. However, merely botting of knoppix 4.01 and mounting then unmounting the drive (which is recognised by the BIOS and knoppix) then re-booting into ubuntu sorts it all out!?

why it happens? dunno…what i do know, its a pain in the ass to pull all them machines out just to get a CD drive in there to boot knoppix…

PK-13 Extension Tube

29 smackaroo’s from Foto Riesel in the city, the PK-13 is basically a glorified spacer (Nikon PK-13 is an auto extension ring with AI diaphragm coupling) and a a retail price of 129 bucks a rip off, well ok it has a few moving parts and some machined bits.. but hey…

So what does one do with a PK-13, basically stick it between the lens and the camera and it moves the focus point to give some serious macro capability, even on a 105mm prime it makes for a pretty decent macro. However sticking it on the 55mm 2.8 micro it really sings, admittingly you need to be so close to the subject it ain’t funny, but still, there is room enough to squeeze some light in so off ya go.

pictures you say? well I got a few of them too…