2010 GVBR (Great Victorian Bike Ride) Day 3

Day Three – Euroa to Murchison – Monday 29 November

Official Distance 68km

Gerry’s Cateye Statistics:

Riding Time: 3:20hrs

Distance: 72.33 kms

Avergae Speed: 21.6km/h

maximum Speed 34.8km/h

Calories Burnt: 1122.0

ODO: 239.5

This day was pretty straight forward, there was a nice little tailwind and it was all pretty darn flat. The old RHS knee as starting to feel it though.

Weather: Thin layer of overcast cloud, enough to keep things cool but trick you into get fried!

The Good Oil Newsletter:

DAY 3 2010 – 181110 MC

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