Maroubra Sunrise

What a morning, clouds were wonderful, light was nice and even, so many potential compositions, I could have taken twice as many shots as I did…! Sunrise is at such a decent hour in the winter months…makes for getting up much easier and less of a babbling mess :)

Maroubra’s development began post 1910. During the giddy 1920s the beach boardwalk was constructed and the suburb gained the Maroubra Beach Hotel on Marine Parade. Still rather inaccessible, Maroubra developed when a direct tram service was introduced in 1919 with a weekday peak hour service from Central Railway to Maroubra Beach Road. Although sparsely settled by 1920 Maroubra offered home builders electricity, ‘the wonder fuel of the twenties, very modern and very smart’, as well as water and gas. A big attraction in the 1920s was the Maroubra Speedway. Car racing in Maroubra ended in 1928 but it was used as a motorcycle track until 1934. The Coral Sea Park Estate was established on the site. In the 1930s liver coloured, brick, semi-detached houses were built for rental. The 1940s saw rows of home units and by the 1970s Crown land on the heights was released for home building.

Lawrence, J. Pictorial History of Randwick, Kingsclear Books, Alexandria, 2001, pp.54-60.

Piper Arrow

The Piper Arrow is the only complex trainer available for purchase direct from an OEM.  The Arrow offers an ideal classroom in the sky for complex, single engine training at a price that is manageable for the smallest of flight schools.  Thousands are in service around the world, so your choice of the Piper Arrow for your training needs is a wise one.

pffft, thats debatable cleary he ain’t seen half of the sh$tboxes sitting on the airport.

Nonetheless, this one is quite tidy, with an nice paint job it would be quick smart…

G2 Gallery Spam

f’ing spammers, well hopefully with the disabling of the comments things should be a bit more secure. That said, gee it runs better without 20k with of spam comments…

See teh rest of the post for the Comments Blaster script, just change the 500 limit to whatever ya want and it makes removing spam a piece of cake..mmm cheesecake….gotta go..

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Uploader Reborn

Well kind of, up and running again, a few key points to remember for the future, to ensure this installs smoothly verify the following:

1) Apache mod_rewrite is installed

2) Correct Directive exists in the apache conf.

<Directory /home/
AllowOverride All

3) The .htaccess file is in place and correctly edited.

Note the software can run without the mod_rewrite but its get fugly, merely changing an option in the config.php sorts it out.