The Man with the Golden Gun

There is an interesting history regarding the famous James Bond Island (Ko Tapu) besides being one of the locations for the James Bond Movie ‘ The Man with teh Golden Gun’ – the island is the location of the famous duel between Bond and Scaramanga where after being directed to take 20 paces Bond turns and fires only to find Scaramanga has dissapeared.

The movie was slated to be shot in Cambodia, however the conflict at the time prevented this, it certainy would have been interesting to see what location in Cambodia became a major tourist attraction if it was shot there!

Pa Tong Beach – Thailand

What a bizarre place this is! I gotta say I travelled all the way to Thailand and did not even get in the ocean water, excluding dabbling my toes. Really the beaches are nice, but nothing compares to beaches on the mid north coast of NSW, you can get on most beaches and be the only one there!

It is also a hot spot for gay people to visit, man did not know that when I took this picture of the dude in the budgie smugglers!

The nightlife is something else apparently, never hung around long enough to see thank goodness!

Patong Beach – History
Official permanent population is 14797 (2006) persons but the real number is probably as high as 60,000 in high season.
1827 Baan Kathu and Baan Patong are small villages without convenient transportation
1898 The Island is organized into five grades of local administration.
1947 The government approves 60,000 THB for a basic road over the hill to Patong
1969 Patong is upgraded to a “sanitation district” and taxes of 20,000 THB a year are collected.
1976 A sealed road is built to Patong.
1979 Electricity arrives
1994 Patong sanitation district is upgraded to a municipally
2004 Patong was hit by the Asian Tsunami 26 December
2005 Recovery year, tourism back to 80% at end of the year. Opening of Patong OTOP Shopping Paradise, Thanon Rat-U-Thit 200P (south end).
2006 Jungceylon, Patong’s first full-fledged modern air-con shopping mall, complete with 200 shops, integrated hotel, etc. Still under construction and the opening has been postponed several times, but will probably launch some time in end of 2006

Bronte Pool

What a way to welcome in the spring months and of course Daylight savings – with a mere 3 hours sleep under my belt this is what I do for fun!

Formalised baths, a little south of the Bronte Bogey Hole and the large and beautiful Bronte Park that attracts crowds on the weekends. Also known as the Bond Ocean Pool after lifesaving pioneer and swimming teacher, Major Bond. This nineteenth-century pool was adapted for lap and competition swimming by using a turning board to define a rectangular course within the pool.