So, 126 bucks for those nik filters for CS6, I figured i had better actually have a go at using them

Everyone raves about this silver efex pro BW converter, so i had a crack at that one – really its quite a neat tool for CS6, makes converting images to BW in PS a breeze, basically becomes a one stop shop, you can use it to adjust everything from the type of conversion thru to the shadow and highlight detail and option extras light vignetting etc. Nice stuff +Nik Software. Now all ya gotta do is update the CNX2 versions and I will be happy as a pig in mud ;)

Cemedine Super X No. 8008

Sounds like a Japanese porn star product.However this is really really good shit for bonding stuff together, solvent free adhesive specified by Nikon in many of their repair manuals.

I have had a troublesome zoom/focus grips on a couple of lens and I have been meaning to get some of this to fix them up for hmm, nearly 12 months now, I guess when the whole grip slipped off i made it a priority.

So if you want something better than the spare wetsuit material repair kit adhesive, this is the stuff, cured by air in a few hours, cleanup up with isopropl alcohol.