After reading +Trey Ratcliff blog about his trip to Chernobyl area I recalled this girl and the amazing set of photo journeys into the region, amazing stuff. If you have 1/2 an hour its worth a look
During years of my interest in Chernobyl, I have collected rare and unique materials of Chernobyl accident and it’s aftermath.

Bare Island, the battle of

Some trivia, Bare island has alot of concrete (yes well, thats pretty obvious) however apparently the dude who supplied the concrete did the dodgy and supplied concrete with less ..well.. strong stuff in it. The place probably would gone up in a puff of dust if hit by a shell :)
View large and zoom, theres a naked woman in there.

ok, kidding, that was the other pano looking the other way :)

+Cameron Fong, you will be proud of me, I have been making more of a effort to use that 135mm f2.8, heer is such image, pano stitched.

Bare Island

Anyone who is in Sydney and takes the occasional landscape image knows about this location, its no wonder its popular, sunset and sunrise positions are easy to get to, you can park your car 2 minutes away and makes a great location (and free) for the wedding photographers. I suspect just about every angle on the island and the little castle has been beaten over the head however I still find it a nice place to go and more importantly, they always have a icecream truck there :)

If anyone is interested, Sunday the 28th (april) there is the Battle of Bare island which has some cool battle re-enactments, canon and musket firing.

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The faces of ANZAC Day

For awhile now I have trundled into the city and battled the crowds to remember those who have served for our country, each year brings fewer familiar faces, but at the same time new faces appear and others take up the memory, not to mention the new generation of returned serviceman and women.

This lady is one I have noticed for the last few years, the wife of one of the under 16's who has passed away. Here she is over the last 3 years and not looking that much older :)

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