Starship Enterprise

Located some very nice rock shelfs just off Thirroul Beach, amazingly easy to access and and have lots of diverse compositions, this morning however, the composition was chosen as the one in which the wind was on my back and the minimum amount of spray coming across the filter :) Clouds doing interesting things, the ones out to sea were traveling north and the ones close to land traveling east.
I'll be back :)
151 seconds at f/11 horizon on the midline :)

Wild and Woolley

There have only ever been a few times when i have found it nearly impossible to take a few shots at a sunny rise session – today was one such day. This shall serve as a reminder for future shoots at this location ,high tide and blowing a gale, not really optimum for getting that nice water flow over the rocks, especially with the swell as erractic and pretty lame as it was.

Anyway, it did serve a good morning for doing some recon on some potential spots and also some spots to avoid.

There was only two fools silly enough to be out in these conditions, me and a fisherman, who spent most of the time chasing his bucket down the beach as the wind swept it up. Although driving past Austinmer I did notice a gaggle of photographers braving the conditions at a proven location :)

Anyway, onto the image, what a cool set of double barrels :) this is me perched precauisly on some slippery water treatment plant pipes holding the tripod to stop it moving, or was it to stop me falling off into the drink ? ;)

+Adam Lee i hope you enjoyed the sleep in – a very wise move.


Now who say men can't do this? :) here is a prime example for the record, whilst editing this photo with one hand (mouse) i was rocking tickles (nearly 3 months old now) to sleep (which only took 30 minutes :) ) and discussing the finer points of why chaos (4 year old) should go to sleep even though she was sleepy but her feet were wide awake, ie walking around at 8:30pm – this rates up there with some of the best of a 4 yro's logic.
Here another example:

chaos: 'dad, ya know what'
me: 'what?'
chaos: 'we should get a icecream'
me: 'no'
chaos: 'but it s really hot day and it will cool me down'
me: 'nope, drink some water.'
chaos: 'i'll share it with you'
me: 'no'
chaos: 'it will help me go to sleep.'
and it goes on :)

anyway back to the multi-tasking…

Sugarloaf Lighthouse

Processing nightmare – if anyone has any good tips for making HDR panos, I am all ears – i usually either use PTGUI to stitch a HDR with blend planes etc (preferred) or HDR individual bracketed images then stitch (in PS with HDRefx) – however the latter is very limiting since the HDR does alot of the work and I prefer to manually blend my exposures..

It also does not help that I had to take it with a UWA, around 13mm, there is plenty of artifacts and I had to spend a overly onerous amount of time trying to fix things, the sun looks crap and the red just seems off aarrghh – oh well, next time..

Tunnel Inrush

This was a morning of a 0.5 metre swell (as advertised), I can only imagine what it would be like in even just a mild swell.

The pin point of light you can see is a tunnel out into the ocean, the swell you can see is probably 1.5 metres, I was on a rock about 2 metres up (a very sharp one at that :) ) and was getting splashed.


View large – what i really like about this place was the diversity of the rocks, from the smooth polished rocks in the foreground to the angry and very sharp serrated black rocks in the ocean. Whilst not quite achieving the composition I had in my head, i still liked the lack of scale that the image portrays and also clash of the rock types melded together by the long exposure water.
note the access pole running between the two big rocks in the centre..a bit of balance beam anyone? ;)