for some reason Ms Lioness i just could not take you seriously today , normally so dignified and aloft… ;)

Its not everyday you take a pano shot of lions but at 300mm i just couldn't get it all in ;)

I'll promise to post a better one of Ms Lioness…

The Opaque World

Its like a mesmerizing blurry mirror that you can't tear your eyes away from, each second the shape, colour and contrast change as the light refracts through the ebbing water.

The light was fading very fast and the colour disappearing just as quick, i could see the campfire ablaze in the distance and a clinking of beer bottles was calling. Rather than wait the 2 minutes at f/16 for the bright exposure i took 3 frames at different apertures all at 30 seconds as a means to expedite my parched throat to the waiting beer. Said goodbye to the shy crabs and took another single frame before trekking back to the pinpoint of light that was our campsite.

Similarly to the last image, I processed it in Nik HDR efex pro2 using pretty much the same custom preset, now dubbed 'gerry's dark one' then finished off in my usual process.

I love reading the comments that people leave and I welcome any suggestions, comments and improvements to my photography, they are always warmly welcomed!

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Deceptive little puddles

This image is a rare example where I have used Nik HDR efex pro 2 to automatically blend the image, in recent months/year i have been much more inclined to manually blend exposures in photoshop to obtain the required dynamic range i have found this gives complete control over process and i can dictate exactly how i want the dynamic range to look rather than relying on a program algorithm or preset to decide.

That said, i have become partial to the Nik HDR efex pro 2 plugin for PS since it often (not always) generates a fairly decent image which i can then edit as desired in my normal processing software/method. I find the 'balanced' or 'neutral' preset seems to give me the best latitude to do as I wish and it is more time efficient than manually blending :)

This image was 3 automatically bracket images varying from 1/2 second to 8 second shutter speed. f/16 @12mm focal length
Circular Polariser, and LEE Graduated 0.9 filter

I was waiting for a nice wave to flow right up the channel but ran out of time and patience.

See these dinky little rock pools with the glassy reflections? these are guaranteed shoe soakers…the ones with the all sandy bottoms are the worst, looks like dry sand to the casual glance until 'splash' i had two wet shoes for the next day of camping thanks to one of these :)

I love reading the comments that people leave and I welcome any suggestions, comments and improvements to my photography, they are always warmly welcomed and in my opinion everyone has a valid point of view irrespective of skill and experience.

Oil Tanker Island

I love seascapes and I think the main reason is the unpredictability of what you are going to come home with. I sometimes get the opportunity to revisit a location and I always try and plan at least a couple of shots in my head, however more often than not i come away with totally different shots due to a lot of different factors.

On this day, i planned to be on that island out there..yeah..that long thin one you can see in the distance…so how did I end up over here taking this shot? I had a few sweet ideas in my head for long exposures off that really sweet rocky oil tanker shaped rock island but nature did not come to the party, sunset was at around 8 ish and low tide was at 5 pm, this little island is only accessible during low tide for a couple of hours, now i am always pretty keen but wading waist deep on a sand bar well past dusk did not sound like a good idea, plus i needed to be back at the campsite for a beer (i rarely get to have a few beers nowadays so thats a major driving factor ;) )

Anyway, so i was stuck landside and this is one of the shots that eventuated, not quite the one I had in mind :)

Aperture: f/16
Shutter Speed: 4s
Exposure Mode: Manual
ISO Sensitivity: ISO 100

Circular Polariser, and LEE Graduated 0.9 filter

I love reading the comments that people leave and I welcome any suggestions, comments and improvements to my photography, they are always warmly welcomed and in my opinion everyone has a vaild poitn of view irrespective of skill and experience.

Chinamans Hat

This little rock that afforded me a perch on this particular morning I dubbed the chinamans hat, not the most politically correct name however it is on a beach called, yep you guessed it 'Chinamans Beach', also it, the rock that is, reminds me a switch often found in choppers, which…yeah you guessed it again are commonly referred to as 'chinamans hats'.. 'cause…well they really do look like chinamans hats. I never thought i would be able to use the word chinaman so many times in one sentence :) we have it…Chinamans Hat on Chinamans Beach and if i was a chinaman it would make for a really damn good story. :-/ no offence to any chinamen :)

Job done, your turn Sun :)

After a hard night protecting the little boaties from the evil rocks this little lighthouse can take a well deserved break for the day and have a VB, if lighthouses could drink VB, maybe just someone polishing his lens would suffice, anyway I digress.

Seal Rocks, mid coast of NSW Australia, a beautiful part of the world and a location that has claimed many a life.

Stitched panorama, using bracketed images to achieve adequate dynamic range throughout.

As always, view large and thank-you for taking the time to have a look and comment on my images, it is appreciated.

The Sea Claims All

Reaching its long tentacles up onto the rocky beach the sea looks to claim some more…seaweed ;)

This was taken well past sunset and there was but a tiny glimmer of colour left in the sky, tantalizing me to stay for one more shot, as luck would have it..i stayed for a few more :) There is nothing quite like being completely alone with nature on the edge our great country.

ʎ flow

Termeil Point

One of the best camp spots on the South Coast of NSW, Australia, it takes a bit to get in there and its pretty popular during school holidays, but for very good reason.

This stuff is pretty amazing, be sure to check her out!

Russian Mother Takes Magical Pictures of Her Two Kids With Animals On Her Farm
These wonderful photographs by Elena Shumilova plunge the viewer into a beautiful world that revolves around two boys and their adorable dog, cat, duckling and rabbit friends. Taking advantage of natural colors, weather conditions and her enchanting surroundings, the gifted Russian artist …

Mist/spray on the filters – probably one of the hardest, if not impossible defects to correct in post processing. There is alot to be said for just taking the 5 minutes in the field to take the filter off and clean it, in alot of scenarios it does not really matter, ie low dynamic range larger apertures etc, however at small apertures pointing into the sun or scenes with high dynamic range it can pretty well ruin a image

This image I pretty well gave up to the seascape gods but thought i might just process it and see what happens. It was after all just a frame which i turned around and shot while walking to another spot, the sun set was looking pretty nice in that corner of the sky and there was some nice foreground albeit it busy.

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Misty Dragons Teeth

Apparently, according to the 4yro Chaos, who was meant to be in bed asleep but insisted on looking at some photos 'cause it helped her sleep' (when have I heard that?) this looks like a buried dragon or dinosaur jaw and teeth. Very topical since she has a paleontologist excavator kit (basically a bit of fake clay with plastic bones inside which you have to scrape, dust and saw to reveal)

anyway, some cool repetitive patterns in the rocks here.