I dunno who made this sculpture, but rest assured it would have taken them a long time :) pretty spherical too, not bad for a bunch of bamboo bits and some tie-wire.

Its that time of the year again and the sculptures by the sea are back, however this year the sea has kinda protested and swallowed a few up. The 5 metre swell that was about was certainly a sight to see and hear.

Single image with a red torch and some crusty old blue EL wire.

Exif / shot love:
D750 coupled with Samyang 14mm f2.8 @ 14mm
Shutter speed: 336.2s
Aperture: f/5.6
ISO 200
out front – sculptures by the sea art with a bit of EL wire and coloured torch


So apparently this rock is pretty famous and a favorite for photographers, however they neglected to mention that to get the cool cliche shot you really need to be there at sunrise to capture it with nice light, which in summer, is kinda not realistic with small children :) However, what is amazing is the level of detail that cameras can bring out nowadays, you can pretty well underexpose the shot to capture all the bright bits then draw out the shadows, even in this scene, which is the worst for it, shooting right into the sun i was amazed that you can bring out so much detail and make it a bit edgey to boot :)

So here we have Chaos with her tourist pose on doing a great job of showing off the scale of this rock, which by the way is a lot smaller than it looks in pictures.

Apparently it has formed over thousands of years by loose rock washing up against it in the tides hence 'necking it'

Selje Abbey

So this place was built around 1100.. thats awhile ago, i do wonder whether this view has changed much since then though, the modern little boatshed is obviously a fairly recent affair, however everything else including the rock fence is hundreds of years old, technically the landscape is thousands /millions of years old ;)

It would not be hard to visualise this scene and lose your self in time :) i would probably avoid visualising the black plague time .. since half of Norway got wiped out in that, but maybe choose a nice warm summers day back in a time before the world had heard of a nutter called Trump.


Complex scene of lines, I spent a barrel load of time, moving alittle this way, alittle that way, up down, all to get the lines of the rocks, fallen trees and the waterflow to line up. Its a bit like natures jogsaw puzzle, however they do not always have a complete solution :)

Made from 8 images stitched into a panoramic view, view it large :)

3rd Tickle

I'll let ya'all into a parenting secret (besides the 'dont have kids one' ;) )

When it comes to their birthday party get them to make the party food, it has several distinct advantages, like – keeps them occupied, they are gonna eat the food anyways, irrespective of what it looks like :) they can't blame you for the food and also you have someone to blame if everyone gets crook ;) (which did not happen btw:) ). Now we will brush over all the disadvantages, like, increased cleaning etc and finding child #2 licking chocolate icing off the door frame ;) (I do have a photo but am not allowed to show it :( )

So, happy birthday Tickles and thanks to big sis aka Chaos for all the help particularly the excellent direction in blowing out candles, snaffling extra lollies from the party cups and generally, lovingly living up to your nickname :)

I suppose Sarah Joy did pretty well too, helped the kids make the food :)