I was cruisin' home from work with the plan for a pool session on wednesday night when the traffic, which is normally pretty good when I leave late, came to a pretty abrupt jam, it took a damn long time to get off the M5 tunnel and over to Wolli creek. It was only then that it was clear why traffic had come to a standstill, for a period of time both sides of the Princes Highway were shut and when I crawled through a contraflow on one side was in place. The reason for the delay became pretty evident with a Blue Commodore messed up on the side of the road past an intersection. I missed my session at the pool and it was not until the next day that I found out what happened. A female pedestrian had been hit by by the blue ute which had ran a red light, turns out the driver was pissed (4x the limit) as well.

Its hard to find compassion for people who make these kind of choices, which, thankfully only rarely end in tragedy, but I am sure this driver and his passenger never thought this would happen to them, but then again, the female who was killed did not even get a choice. Now sadly a family have lost their 22 yro daughter and two other lives are gonna be messed up resulting from what would appear to be two very poor choices, driving pissed and running a red light.

Choose wisely.

This image is for you Nicole – rest in peace.

Garden of Stone – Dry Canyon
10 frames, each frame bracketed
D750 with Samyang 14mm f2.8 @ 14mm
Shutter speed: 3s (normal exp) and 1/2.5s (under exposed)
Aperture: f/9
ISO 100

Katoomba Falls

After a dismal sunrise, if it could even be called that :) it was time for a breakie, Leura was the spot of choice and at the only Cafe that was open, quite fortuitous since the markets were setting up there just afterward and I could grab some not so local honey (it was good stuff apparently tho:) )

Katoomba falls is pretty cool, you can see it from the cable car skyway thingy and you can see it from the top at the park and I assume you can probably get to the base as well, however there also is access to the base of the first drop, a bit more than half way down – I remember taking a shot from the cable car a few years back and seeing some dudes down near this spot and kept that in the back of head for a time when i near here again..

So, here is that shot from a few years back, check out amount of water going over it and you can even see two people at the first drop and someone at the very top in a red jumper – definitely gives some scale to the falls.

Fast forward and its pretty darn dry now, however that does have the advantage that you can walk out onto the shelf pretty easily, so in this shot you can probably work out were I was standing to get it, whilst it probably looks a bit hair raising its really not, hardly any water and its a pretty large shelf :)

The walk down is pretty easy, the walk back up, not so easy, however 20 minutes tops – next time I will get t the very bottom, if you can do that.

Garden of Stones

Slot Canyon

The last time I went out to Newnes and the Glow worm tunnel was about when I was 6 years old and pretty sure it was with my old man (i'm looking at you here Alan Blacklock :) ). I have been really keen to check out some the canyons out in the blue mountains for quite some time and the Dry Canyon at the Garden of Stones is probably the easiest option, bar the bone rattling drive in there.

So after a slight deviation in plans for another trip planned on this weekend and with Rodney Campbell and Suren hassling for some kinda of plan more than 15 minutes in advanced ;) I locked in this spot, mainly 'cause Suren promised to drive :) little did we know he had never driven on a dirt road before… or eaten a chiko roll …lols.

There are no signs and no mobile reception out at Garden of stones so I kinda wished I had spent more than 5 minutes reading some instructions on how to find the place, but after a quick reccy with Rodneys drone and some instructions from a old couple walking out we were on the right path. It is such a great spot and as promised nothing more than a stroll in the park with a few logs to hop over, it also gives a great insight into some of the other canyons in the Blue Mountains and what they must be like with water in them. Pretty cool to be able go the whole length and not get wet…

I quite liked this fern which had kinda gone wayward and fallen over, whilst not showing the real extents of the canyon it certain shows some of the quite lush foliage buried deep in the darkness of the slot canyon.

5 shot panorama with each frame bracketed
D750 with Samyang 14mm f2.8 @ 14mm
Shutter speed: 2s and 1/4s (under exposed)
Aperture: f/9
ISO 100