Barangaroo Skyline

If you reckon these three 'International Towers' look big on the sydney skyline, wait until the final stages of the precinct development is complete, there is another 3 towers, albeit smaller footprint but taller to be placed to the north of these 3 fat towers :)

The development as it stands seems pretty good, the area at the 3 towers has a nice mix of good food places and apartments, if living in the CBD is your thing :) and the proximity to the nice reserve on the northern part completes the mix.

Whilst one should never trust a property developer ;) sometimes they and the governing bodies get it right and this one, from my lay person perspective seems pretty good.

Also, if you do live here, maybe close your curtains ;) Full resolution imagery is bad for you :) note this image is 50% of the size of the original panorama image, at nearly a gig in file size these large panos just become to hard to work with :)


So chaos says to me, 'gee i am lucky to have you as a dad' to which i say 'yeah whys that?'
'cause your so tall and you give me piggy backs'

anyone know a good chiro ? ;)

I have seen Vivid a few times now and the crowds are probably the worse part of it for me, however the joy a seven year old gets for seeing it for the first time (yes I know she saw it last year but thats like a million years ago in a kids mind) makes the crowds bearable :)

I did not even make any smart-ass comments about the $9 hotdog (faarkk!!!… ) and yes we did bring our own food as well

In Album 29/05/2017

Distorted Bangers

I learnt a new trick in PS today, perspective warp. Rather than relying on the automatic tools of lightroom, which by the way does quite a good job anyway, I thought I would have a crack at doing it manually, mainly since lightroom just could not quite get it right for me :) . I reckon the perspective warp in PS could pretty well correct any image, in this image the focal length is quite wide hence you get quite a bit of distortion which makes the buildings look as if they are falling backwards, I wanted to correct the image and give it more of a flat view which you see when using a longer focal length.

The perspective warp tool in PS uses a series of boxes with grids to then push and pull the image, using a series of these grids you can effectively 'tilt' the image forward, much like you can in lightroom however with alot control.

So here we have it, corrected Barangaroo, the now dominant player in the skyline.


I have learnt so much since having my children come into my life.
There is a whole bunch of stuff I could write about here…
but really, sometimes things should just be kept simple.
If I could give any advice to do with children (for people with or without children), especially when with cranky, obnoxious, pita, tired.. or whatever children.. which they ALL are at some stage :) is that laughter will pretty well make anything better. When all else fails getting that smile and giggle just turns the world around…

I love it when Chaos smiles back at me

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Wave rock

Find the hidden house..go on, zoom in :)

There must have been a dozen times on this day where I just thought the scale and size of the mountains cannot impress me anymore, however around every corner it seemed each rock face and mountain was placed there just to top the one just past on the road 20 minutes ago.

Alot is lost in this image, but if you view full res you can see a tiny house down there on the lower right hand side, nothing more than a one room shack, but it gives some scale, what you probably can't see, is the figures of the people over on the right hand side.

This one is a handheld pano using 8 images in the portrait orientation, i never really thought I would look at and process it, however I am kinda glad I did now…