New Day

Its been quite a few months since I have done a sunrise session, my new seascape buddy was keen but probably more interested in the cool starfish and spotting whales then anything else :) It was nice to have some company and to have someone shine their torch in my eyes every 15 seconds.. apparently her torch was chasing mine :-/


Dance the way you feel

I have met so many cool people on social media over the years (alot of top ones here on gplus!)
From those crazy chops who I have met up with at some ungodly hour for a sunrise shoot to others who have provided my stream with alternative views to my own (whether I agree or not) it has all enriched me and for that.. thanks ya'all.

Anyway, it has got me thinking – its really quite heart warming that underneath all the technology, algorithms and desire of companies to make money that the core reason of SM seems to still shine thru, that is to connect people, its still there punching thru all the crap. There is no 'real' life and 'fake online life' for me, its all real world and has been for yonks, when you meet up with the people you met online its all the same just an extension of 'real' life..and I treat all those who I have never met and probably never will… with the same respect as anyone else ..


Following on from the "Somewhere north of Braemer, Scotland"

just over the hill was this little farm cottage (or more like a small fortress) which was quite an amazing sight, the family was tired of me stopping every 2 seconds to take a photograph, but I could not resist this one, I took a number of shots from this spot, sadly in my haste i messed up the focus on a few which meant my pano, which was gonna be my better shot did not turn out very well :)

So, after alittle research it turns out that this place is: Castle Lodge, Corgarff, Strathdon. Apparently Corgarff Castle dates back to the 16th century, which makes it kinda old… The castles last use was to control the smuggling of illicit whisky between 1831 .. man i reckon it would have some great stories to tell :)