yups, you guessed it, tomorrow night is halloween night.. lock up your houses, shut the gates, close those curtains and pray those sugar crazied children walk on by.

If this one knocks on ya door, i can suggest..
1) don't make eye contact
2) empty anything with sugar in it onto the porch, that includes raw sugar.. thats a winner
3) and most importantly of all.. do not .. i repeat.. do not engage in any conversation, the power of this childs ability to talk anything down is second to none :)
4) close the door quickly and pray, if not pleased, this one will knock again…..and again .. and again…. her persistence is resolute.. your resistance futile.

good luck ya'all and spar a thought for those who have to get them to sleep …

Epson Pano Awards 2017

Every year I see the results to this coveted competition come out and every year I have said to myself, next year I'll put a few in there..well this year I finally did, albeit at the last minute, but thats my life at the moment :)

Firstly, if you have not done so already, spend 10 minutes or even better grab a cup of tea and spend half an hour to sit down and look through the winning images in the open and amateur categories, there are quite a few since they publish the top 50, but it is certainly worth it, there is some stunning imagery in there. It's also great to see such a large representation of Australian photographers in there, we clearly punch well above out weight for our population size.


This year a mate named Ray Jennings smashed a home run in the Amateur category with an amazing image of some smelly lake.. its not even a lake :) its a dam.. ;) .. out past Mudgee, in all seriousness check it out, its a great shot and a prime example of how to make a stunning image from regular joe location, there are no snow capped mountains there.. there are no wild scenes.. just a dam with a bunch or dead trees and some birds :) Great work Ray.

So i put a few images in, i really had my heart set on my macro panorama, i felt it had a bit of something extra but not enough to get it over the line.. anyways. my image from Queenslake back in the Easter holidays seemed to gel with the judges and got a gold for a place at number 32 :) , for me its a nice image.. but its just a bit cliche… i guess I have spent so much time there over the last several years I have forgotten to appreciate it's beauty.

So anyways, here are the set of images that I put in and got a result.

As mentioned, be sure to check out the website and see some absolutely stunning images, btw Jesus won.. no really :).. a dude called Jesus from Spain won.. check him out :)

In Album 27/10/2017

This is what spring is about – eating icecreams in the back of the car :)

(even after it's fallen on the ground! :) – I certainly was not getting robbed another $4.80 for a single scoop icecream!)

A little side note, we got these from some spanky Gelato place in the Glebe Tram sheds place – the last time I was there and stood in the exact same spot it was certainly a very different scene… i kinda liked it better back then.. more genuine character

Just another Norwegian town on some Fjord

This place was one of our more..ahem.. 'interesting' accommodation choices, turned out to be a rather religious institution, whilst nothing wrong with that, it just was not very clear to the average punter looking for a place to stay :) .. luckily for us it was our night off the turps and no mischief to be had ;) … Ironically I had to throw pebbles at the window to get let back in after my sunset shoot (that was about 11:30 pm :) ) .. musta looked at bit suss :)

Norway, everytime I open up the folder of images there is always another shot that jumps out at me, even after al this time

Tummy Time

does this head band look like a fitness sweatband ? nope then turn me back over before I lose it at ya

If your up for a few giggles, the book 'Revenge Poetry for Babies and Toddlers by Suzanna Weber' is a good read when dealing with babies.
I think the above or something similar relating to non functional head bands would make an excellent addition to the book :)