I do wonder sometimes whether I have ever actually improved in my photography…thats not a comment trying to illicit comments blah blah :) but going to the fundamentals of taking a picture I don't think I have really improved that much (or maybe I was never that bad at it :) ). Besides having a nicer camera nowadays and a few funky lens and the occasional filter… it would appear from this image (which for kicks and giggles I had a re-look at and also another hack) that its better than alot of my stuff nowadays :) – one thing I will say having a faster 'puter makes me better ;) sooo much quicker in processing panos.

This image was taken in 2009, pre-kids.. pre-responsibilities :)
its a 3 image panorama taken with my first DSLR, a Nikon D80 and the nikkor 17-55 f2.8 lens, i had a polariser filter on it since i was just in love with those at the time and had just bought a new one before this trip :). It was the second shot I took here from this morning, in a time when I thought sunrise session meant getting there 10 minutes before the sun came up :)

Its always interesting to look back through the folders of images for a trip down memory lane and also for a fresh view on a old shot :)