Whilst our friends on the northern side of the planet freeze their nuts off we have the best of both worlds, hiking in the middle of summer in 30 degree heat only to come across these large tracks of unmelted snow from last years winter – the perfect way to cool down

Both girls enjoyed exploring the ice overhangs and sliding down the snow bridge. Whilst this image does not do the scale justice, the overhangs are about 1.5m to 2m high..

This image is a 4 shot panorama (handle held) with each shot bracketed to capture the highlights and shadows of the ice overhangs.

Mountains don't argue

Cranky and Chaos sometimes argue :)
Cranky.. thats me apparently, quite often I'll get introduced as "this is my Dad.. hes cranky.. most of the time.." ;)

We decided to end our school holidays with a overnight hike up to mount Kosciusko, a place which I have never been to before and have always wanted to get to, it also did not take much convincing of Chaos! she, as someone who is incredibly stubborn… correction.. strongwilled saw this as a challenge which she would not be beaten by. (Sarah (my better half) was not so keen being left behind but someone had look after the other two crazy chops. ;) )

As we got our tickets for the chairlift up Thredbo the lady looked at us and said " you do know know its very windy up there and its going to rain tonight" to which we said, yep we will be ok :) i think deep down both of us were at bit unsure ;) The chairlift was a certain highlight for Chaos, as we hopped on she looked back at mum and her two little sisters and did not stop waving until they were out of sight after that her hand pretty well did not leave mine for the next 24 hours :)

The weather forecast was…lets say.. not favorable and it became very apparent that the advertised 70km/h wind speed up on the hill was correct :) i'll tell ya what, as we got off that chair lift and got our jackets on we almost got blown off the track! It took us a long time to walk to the first lookout (the tourist view) with the head wind beating us down, however there was not a moment were Chaos faltered or looked like she would give up and say "lets catch the last chairlift back down", still that little hand never left mine as we stooped into the wind and bravely smiled at those other day walkers heading in the opposite direction.

At the 3km mark .. which does not sound like much.. but sheesh it was hard work we found a nice sheltered spot for a campsite.. which by the way is only about 500 metres from North Rams head, which was going to be my backup camp spot until I saw the gradient over that 500 metres; )

anyways.. to the main point.. for the entirety of our hike and overnight stay there was not one argument, no cranky-ness and no chaos, i'll guess we will just have to become mountain hobos and change our names ;)

hey the sunset was pretty good and the forecast completely wrong at about 8pm, it was almost calm and the rain clouds had parted over our location and gone to the south and north of us :)

Whaddya do when camping in Kosi and you have a few hours to burn before going to bed?

Jump off rocks :)
No wild flowers damaged in the making :) but some grass may have been not quite as soft and springy as it once was.

There is plenty of tutorials out there for creating action sequence shots like this, however as a little summary;
1) Load images into PS as if merging for a pano.
2) Select 'reposition' rather than auto or pano
3) Unselect 'Blend' (or else you blend out have the good bits;) )
4) This then loads all the images as aligned layers
5) Use Transparency Layer masks on each layer, starting from the top to reveal the figures from each frame. This is somewhat time consuming if you have overlapping figures.

Quibray Bay

What seemed like a good idea, or in this case what seemed like a good spot to take a picture ended up as a not so much of a good idea or spot :)

Each little tree beckoned me further into the swamp that is Quibray bay, each little tree held such promise from afar but alas as I got close it did not seem so good. I did settle on this little tree, only because each step i took back resulted in me being knee deep in oyster shell filled mud. I suppose looking on the bright side it did mean, being knee deep in the mud, I had only a short way to bend down to be able to get this picture :)
Also the mozzies could not get my legs 'cause they were covered in mud :) gerry ftw.

I do like this little part of Botany bay, it takes a little planning to be able to get out to spots like this at the right time of the day, the only access (that I know of) is via the waterline, hence if its high tide your not getting in there unless you swim or kayak. Its a shame that it appears to be the back water area for all the plastic in Botany Bay to wash but there is evidence of people actively trying to combat the massess of waste that pile up there each month – i bet they are local volunteers :)


So.. lets recap on this particular day.

9am. Sunny.. no clouds, hang washing out. Sky looking awesome for startrails.

11am. Sunny.. no clouds, clean bathroom bring in clothes which dry within 15 minutes in the.. did i mention sunny no clouds sky.

3pm. Sunny.. no clouds, clean kids room and find all the contraband hidden behind wardrobes, under beds, in shoes, in pillow cases and remind oneself to conduct a shakedown of each child prior to allow entry to the bedroom for that thing they call 'trying to go to sleep' :) bit hard to go to sleep if your juiced up on 6 Ferrero rocher's.

5pm. Sunny.. no clouds, carry out a few errands in the car, noting the clear sky over all of sydney, looking awesome for startrails.

7pm. Sunset approaching.. no clouds. deploy to chosen star trails location which I have waited yonks for and have a night without kids and suitably dark sky period. Looking awesome for star trails.

8pm. Sunset.. no clouds lookign awesome for star trails and setup camera after all the tourists and fisherpeeps leave.

9pm. Lightpainting shenanigans whilst waiting for the dark night period from 9:40pm to 11:30pm… yup you guessed it.. no clouds.

9:40pm.. no clouds.. start camera to capture star trails.

9:50pm.. wtf! out of nowhere and local to the spot I was in.. a bunch of clouds magically appear.. i mean c'mon! I look around and there are no other clouds except right there directly above the headland I am on…

10:00 pm pack up camera, kick dirt in the direction of the clouds and ride my pushie home copping a face full of those great spiders that insist on setting up webs at head level.