Little E vs popup toy

ya gotta master the balance side of things first Little E or else it'll all go pear shaped.

I've got this..
too easy..
swap hand to finish off.. don't let it go.. it all gets slippery here with all the drool
boooom!! look to the crowd for some applause :)🏋️‍♀️
oh sh$t what was that ?
Little E =1
popup toy = 1

Its not the wrong, nor the mistake that is important, but the way you deal with

Be the one that shines the light not the one that casts the shadow.

If its one thing I have learnt from my kids (and still am learning) is that irrespective of whether I'm right (we all know I always am right ;) ) or not, my behavior can make all the difference in the outcome of the situation.

I'm available for further inspirational quotes as required :)

Poor Neigh-Neigh

Poor Neigh-Neigh, your time for rest will be soon, you have survived (except for that missing tail) Chaos and Tickles and you gotta be nearly 8 years old… its been a hard road and with a bit of luck LittleE will move onto something else once those teeth come thru :)

Savour this moment peeps.. cause these kinda pictures do not come round very often and when they do, very rarely do they see the light of day ;)

Taken half way on the Blue Lake walk in the Kosi National park, littleE deserves a shout out for her effort, even if she was carried by mum for the entire way, she did it with grace and style (and slept most of it) :)

Ta to Sarah for the picture :) nailed it mate.