Life Curves

Sometimes life throws a few bends in there to get you to slow down, whilst cruising on the freeway is good, some may consider the ride thru the bends to be better… :)

This image is for a mate of mine +Carolyn Fahm who has just come out of some surgery, some might consider that a forced slow down :) In any case I'm sure you will be back up to speed before you know it. Thankyou for all the wonderful comments, insightful words and always stopping by :)

Zoom in and check it all out in full resolution :)


Not sure which is more alarming, the loud suit or the fact that she only started walking 6 weeks ago :)

I think this scooter will shortly be handed down for a third time, I'll give it to Micro Scooters Australia & NZ they certainly make great quality scooters which last, this one has had the brake replaced once but the wheels are still going strong