Sarah's spidery sense picked up this little dude munching down on a fly late at night in the back yard and it was certainly too good a bug to pass up :)

As a fun fact for a Wednesday night, did you know that a spider web thread can stretch up to 30x its length before breaking? – that would explain many a morning walking session getting a face full of spider web only to walk another 2 metres before it broke off :)

These pictures are also a good example of why you really need to pay attention to your background, since it can change the whole feel of a image (and also the way its exposed too), the orange background is a brick wall and the other black ones are where i placed a black tee shirt between the web and the wall…

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Learning to Fly

Probably not many scenarios for a bird where you get a second chance, particularly so in sydney, if the traffic don't get you then surely a domestic pet will.

This little guy had made an attempt to fly and ended up in the lowest part of the garden of which it could not climb out of, only fly out of, which was a problem since it could not fly yet.

It was beautiful to see its parents hanging around and talking to it but also sad knowing it could not get out of the garden without flying. Oddly enough we have seen this several years back, identical situation where the bird had made the first attempt and ended up in the garden, from memory it was able to climb up some plants adjacent to the brick wall which are no longer there. Your probably not meant to intervene but when its clearly struggling and somewhat distressed and gonna get more stressed with little kids giving it too much love, we grabbed a towel and relocated it up onto the top of the wall where its mum came down and fed it, it then climbed – note these are quite good at climbing using their beak and legs – up into a tree where it umm'd and ahh'ed for a couple of hours and had mum and dad come down and conj-ole it until finally it made the leap and flew..

lots of pictures here… but it was very cute.

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"I know I'm not seeing things as they are,

I'm seeing things as I am."

Well that quote from Laurel Lee is an interesting one, i reckon you could apply that to any facet of life, particularly so on this day the 26th of Jan, aka Australia Day.
Read of it as you will but remember that little bit at the end 'as i am' …
Some quotes just leave you going wtf are you on, but others do have that inspirational bent to them does cause one to reflect internally, nicely played Laurel Lee.

Made some new friends at the gardens (Camdenville Paddock Community Garden)

.. some of them even hung around for a little while with me :)
check out the nuclear green little aphid thingy, this was taken with my 55mm macro and the PK-13 extension tube which gets closer than 1:1, as reference he was about 5mm long.

That dragon fly with the red bum was cool, i wish i got it with a better background, but even getting this close was hard, speaking of bums, i did see some of the bees with blue bums but did not get a picture of one.. next time.

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Change the World

Here is your wednesday evening inspirational quote brought to you by Shakti Gawain.. what a cool name that is btw :)

"The most powerful thing you can do to change the world is to change your own beliefs about the nature of life, people, reality, to something more positive… and begin to act accordingly.."

Now unless your dalai lama its pretty safe to say you can always be 'more positive' so before ya'all carry on about your belief being correct or positive enough, stop and read it again :)

Here is a photo of me on a cool rock at Long Bay, the only reason I am in it is 'cause it would have been dead pan boring otherwise ;) remember positive thoughts :) …


Thats mum's face when she see's the what the girls have done to their room after she has just cleaned it.

Don't ask me what this fly was doin'…all i know is that it stayed still long enough for me to get real close, maybe it was actually laughing at me and clapping ;)

Long Triptych

Its been awhile since i have done a good landscape triptych, they often come from having a bunch of mediocre images which when presented by themselves have little impact but seem to gel a bit more when assembled – well that the theory i am sticking to :)


Its like chasing that phantom ghost up the hill.

At some stage we as a human race are gonna have to swap the whole continual growth thing for something else, like sustainability, you can sit there and argue about how many people a city, a country a continent or even the planet can sustain, but at the end of the day at some stage, humans, as a collective have to accept there will be a end to continual growth and the evolution to something sustainable.

I personally don't hold much hope for that, whilst we are an incredibly advanced and intelligent species we are also also incredibly dumb.

Its interesting to look at which (developed nations) have zero or negative population growth, of course freakin iceland is up there, they are like the kiwis, just seem to do everything better ;) Japan is also pretty high on the list, one could probably argue that these two countries have achieved some sustainable level of existence..greenland is another, but really, who the hell would wanna live in greenland anyways. :) sorry Greenland, im sure its actually a really beautiful place :)

I'm putting my money on that the human race is gonna go the same way as the dinosaurs.. what's kinda scary is that the fact in my lifetime the growth and changes have been absolutely crazy, irrespective of whether you believe or agree with climate change the simple fact is that humans are having a substantial impact on the planet, on the very thing that keeps them (us) alive.. thats my nutter rant for a tuesday evening

On the edge

Don't do it little guy, its not worth it!… oh wait, you can jump like 30 times your own height… sure then knock ya self out :)
you know there is no real published data on the height at which these little guys jump to, anecdotal evidence says anywhere from 20 to 80 times their height…

… given all the useless studies carried out today i would have thought a well executed experimental study of the height at which a jumping spider can attain would be a perfect candidate for the budding PHD student needing to bolster their position with further published papers :)