Path to enlightenment

So another photo sharing site sends me a email detailing a 'Security issue' and i need to change my password, could not remember it anyway since i never used it (site)- but thats beside the point here..

So apparently "a un-authorised party gained access to our systems and acquired 'partial' user data"… blah blah..
lets break that down, a band of merry crackers got a whole bunch of useful info :)
but thats OK, they only got your hashed password, as identified in this email as bold which is apparently pretty well impossible to break…. further bolding to indicate that other data such as CC details was not affected..

kinda downplaying it all a bit there… but wait there's more.. what can you do? "We recommend you change your password on any other website or app on which you use a password that is the same as or similar to your password for your 500px account." wtf i thought you said my hashed password was nearly impossible to break? do i really have to change my generic password across all platforms now :(

I'm tired of sweetened press releases, sugar coating comments, vague useless feel good statements….sometimes you just need someone to tell shit how it really is…


Little E: "Hi Dad's secretary"
Caller: 'I'm from telstra and I'm here to help'
Little E: "baaahahahaha"
boom… Little E for the win :)

I may have translated Little E alittle bit there, the majority of what she says, except for "no" is fairly incomprehensible :)

What Qualities Make A Good Secretary? (according to your local search engine anyways)
1. Organisational abilities.
2. Clear, friendly and professional communication skills.
3. A personable phone manner.
4. Initiative and drive.
5. IT literacy.
6. Honesty and discretion.
7. Efficient time-management skills.
8. A flair for championing a team ethic.

With alittle work on number 2 and we will be in the game