3 Girls celebrating their Big Nan's Birthday (87)

impeccable behavior and in the after glow I would consider taking them to another one soon :)

Some very nice light after the storm that came thru Sydney.

In Album 09/01/2018

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8 thoughts on “3 Girls celebrating their Big Nan's Birthday (87)

  1. It sure is lovely light in the background. Proud Dad of such good behavior :) Just makes the whole day better hey. :) Happy Birthday to Big Nan! Haven't heard that term before :)

  2. +Shirley Caslick yeah, the light after the big storm was divine. Big Nan is the Great Grandmother, hence to distinguish her from 'nan' she gets the extra title of 'big' (age wise.. not size wise :) )
    and yes the good behaviour makes everything sooo much nicer and easier :)

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