A Day in the City

it goes a little something like this …

– found a cool softbox light for dad, but the T2 store were not so keen on dad taking it home…
– found another cool department store to have a look in, it was pretty and had all these people painting other people, it also had these funny windows you could watch the world go by through…
– found a cool chair and mirror and sat in it waiting for someone to paint me, but alas no one was forthcoming.
– hid in some things that appeared to be clothes and was great watching dad try and catch me…
– got tired of waiting for a someone to paint me and decided to start my own session.
– finally found the sale I had been waiting for….

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30 thoughts on “A Day in the City

  1. Oh Gerard! Each capture is so beautiful, and together such a work of art. I hope you consider printing it. How lucky your daughters are to have a photographer daddy!
    Happy Father's Day dear +Gerard Blacklock

  2. +Kitten KaboodleInc
    The funny thing about photos is you cannot see the lead up or the after effects, the picture of her with the brush was followed by dad doing a superman dive across the makeup section to prevent the other hand of tickles from bringing down the entire makeup tray 🙂
    I like the last one too.. the one hiding in the ahem… ladies clothes was …. kinda awkward when people do not realise you are chasing a child blush

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