Antique Furniture before its even finished!

dsc_2360.JPGSo after sitting around for about ten years gathering dust, being moved from city to city and being partially used, I decided the little old table needed some tender loving care and get completed.

This little table is made from some pretty ordinary timber, I actually cant even remember what it is! Nonetheless, the table, I think, is designed as a phone or side table, it has a single draw with some funky dovetail joints and legs – 4 of them oddly enough – which are turned up in a lathe.

dsc_2358.JPGIt has definitely suffered over the years, not being coated the wood has taken a fair few knocks. The first step was to actually complete the assembly by glueing it all up seeing how it looked!.

The next stage is time consuming…ok only a few hours…. but hey.. sanding and preping the surface.

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