Upper Kellys Falls

I'll admit that I did arrange these leaves, I was looking for something a bit more in the foreground than just a flow of water, there was plenty of nicely coloured leaves here, particularly as we head into the throws of Autumn, which reminds me, I must visit the Blue Mountains for the Autumn colours, I have never really had a good look at them, anyway, thats for another day

So I collected a few of these leaves and +Rodney Campbell tracked down some others and I put them on the little bit of rock where the water was not rushing past. it does take some effort to arrange them such that is does not look…. well.. look arranged 😉

Exif love:
D750 coupled with 16-35mm f4 @ 16mm Aperture: f/18 and Shutter Speed: 6s
ISO 100
out front – Hoya CPL and some delicately arranged leaves 😉

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11 thoughts on “Arranged

  1. Gorgeous composition mate! Love how the leaves add a touch of colour to the foreground and point to the falls! Nicely done! I did suspect they were arranged before reading the post but that's not because it looked too obvious, they're oriented randomly enough to look natural. Just thought their position was too good to be just a coincidence (does happen on the odd occasion though)! 😉

  2. I showed a few people my version on my phone mate and well – they said totally arranged 🙂 – probably my arrangement too – I think I'll have to clone some of them buggers out 🙂

  3. Im sure nature would have arranged them like this if you had come back later (in fact I am sure they were like this a couple of years ago!) Works beautifully.

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