6 thoughts on “Art Appreciation

  1. This one is a real treasure. And for something shot in a museum, it has a wonderful painterly quality about it. Your three precious women, young and mature, are standing as gracefully as Greek statues, but so much warmer and more vibrant than even the most sublime statue could ever be.

  2. Really nice! Beautiful colour and composition. Like how your dark-haired daughter on the left has her foot raised. It gives movement to the photo, and adds to the body language from all the girls. The more I look at this the more I like it, well captured, a lovely portrait!

  3. Thankyou +Sandra Carter – its interesting what different people see – for me I missed the shot.. I had a shot in my head of them centred on the picture.. you raise a good point about the leg, I would never of noticed that 🙂

  4. Thankyou +Carolyn Fahm , this does have alot of memories – this Museum is amazing, there is so much old history here and so much talent that just infuses you with respect for those who can see, portray and paint these scenes, waaay before technology was even invented 🙂

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