I ride the train a couple of times a week to work, to be honest its just about faster that driving to/on the M5, one cool thing I like about the train is you start to see the regulars who are there every week. Now i am anything but sociable, but i have got talking to two dudes who get on at Campsie who ride into the city (once a week on the same day) to help out at one of the homeless kitchens, looking at these two guys you would not pick this, upon first impressions and going off looks one would probably assume they have quite a colourful past (and probably well do by all accounts). But after getting to know them (over several months and seeing them every now and then) I have come to realise they probably offer more to society than most and have kinder hearts than most…

It's an appropriate reminder not to judge people on what they look like and probably even more importantly not to judge people on their past…

thats enough rambling for one wednesday night 🙂 heres a picture which has nothing

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