Vivid gif

Just some more gif and vivid abuse, for all ya'all who missed it or lamenting the fact that its over ;) here's your chance to recap :)

I was not overly impressed with the opera house projections this year, last year was certainly more impressive.

Also, Vivid peeps if you care, overall my experience was pretty crap, I felt more like a sheep being corralled thru fences and paths then dosed with mediocre bits of art, my suggestion for people visiting next year, keep it simple, see the big ticket items like the bridge and opera house projections, head in at 5pm or after 9pm…avoid any food or beverage stall, bring your own and have a picnic. Maybe vivid should bring in some 'real' street food vendors, you know, the ones which are cheap and of somewhat dodgy quality but what you expect, not some wannabe glamorous boutique food stalls. Maybe talk to the people who run the Addison road night markets they have better food which is somewhat still expensive but a damn sight cheaper than what was on offer..and more interesting.

ON a positive note – i did like the opera house projection sequence with the fern and fungi, very cool

The Gerry and Little E chillout sessions

So whaddya do when its midnight on friday night and you got 10 month old with 3 top teeth coming thru and won't stop crying – well of course, thats pretty obvious right..

1) put on some epic instrumental music from youtube (yes go google's such a thing and not too bad)

2) give said baby something random :) old mint tin with an allen key in it, who pays for rattles these days anyways ;) that got her to stop crying pretty well straight away :) gerry ftw!

3) edit some crazy light painting photos from Malabar.

and as such we both end up bug eyed to the screens, rocking to some tunes like we are traveling to another universe and rattling a tin and this is where we end up.. one finished photo and one baby fast asleep..


Its been over 4 years since I last came to this spot to take some images, I did visit some time ago with the kids and family but not for serious photo taking ;)

I made it all the way to the bottom here at the falls then went to setup my pano bits and realised rather rudely that yes.. that bit i left on my desk at home was still required and that my other parts had not magically grown the ability to support my camera without it. Nonetheless, one must persevere and that I did. This shot is 7 images stitched together to form a vertical pano, it was soo wide i had to clone my toes and tripod out from the bottom of the frame near that big rock. The perspective looks a bit odd because of it, but its growing on me.

Its still pretty dry up there but given the last week of somewhat steady rain, typically a few millimetres each day the falls were at the very least flowing.

Reverse engineer this, a single flash, uncropped, an upside down camera :) and two muddy knees

Coachwood Glen is probably one of my favourite places in the blue mountains, you can be almost guaranteed to have the whole place to your self and find a bunch of weird looking fungi. This particular one reminded me of the children's cartoon 'Octonauts' and the octo-pod , which for those uneducated amoung us, is the octopus shaped mission control centre for the Octonauts.


So apparently we found a new quasars (damn i love that term.. so cool) aka Supermassive black holes this week, its rather large, but what got me thinking was the comment that its eating a sun every 2 days. That reinforces the fact that we, our dinkly little planet over here is nothing but a speck in the very large time tunnel and each of us (and our life) could be compared to a wave washing up on the beach :) ..
thats segways nicely into the following image that is completely unrelated.. but did have a wave in it. :)

Selje kyrkjelyd

Try and pronounce that one :) just means Selje Church :)

I can't claim all credit for this .. cheeky chops (aka i dont want to sleep Little E) had a hand in this.. some random clicking somehow landed me on this folder with a bunch of unedited pictures