This is what gerrys back feels like after being stuck in bed for days after being smashed down by the man flu – correction… this is worse than any man flu.. this is the kid flu…. the flu that has been hardened by the young immune systems, borne from those facilities called schools, for which i shall now refer to as virus incubation and hardening facilities once its done its rounds thru school building up its attack its then deployed into the wild to wreak havoc on unsuspecting parents…including me.

I’m getting the flu shot next year

Interesting fact about the flu, the flu cells are covered in a ‘buttery’ coating which protects the virus until it gets ingested into the body where this layer melts and allows the virus cell to infect the victim cell. Apparently the ‘buttery’ surface hardens more in winter due to the cold providing the virus cell more protection, possibly why its more prevalent in winter they reckon.. sounds legit to me and in accordance with my theory that you don’t get the flu from being cold

Sugar Pine Forest - Bent

Sugar Pine Forest – Bent
(C) 2019 Gerard Blacklock, all rights reserved

Wet and Wild Wings over Illawarra. 2019

Just another typical aussie autumn day, ball freezing temperatures followed by sunshine followed by rain followed by spectacular sunset colours… and somewhere in between some flying pressed bits of aluminum.

Its a been a few years since I saw Wings over Illawarra Airshow, this year i was keen since the weather forecast was for some minor rain and cloud, which I found particularly appealing. Whilst most would like airshows to be under complete blue skies, they can get a bit boring from the photographic perspective, hence some cloud action can certainly help mix it up a bit.
I caught the train down to Albion park, best $2.60 ever, slept most of the way :) then got off the train and walked 100 metres to the airshow, hat pretty cool i reckon, there are no other airshows in Oz with a hopes chance of having public transport like that.
In terms of bang for your buck, Wings over Illawarra (WOI) is pretty well at the top, probably only second to Temora. They did not have any FA/18’s but to be honest they are bit ho hum nowadays :) no JSF you say?…. really.. that thing would burn the money outta everyones pockets as it flew past ;)

A few notes, and these are really to remind me in 12 months time when I go to another airshow. 1) using a lens with vibration isolation on it really really helps. When you have to shoot at shutter speeds of 1/160s to get some nice motion blur behind the aircraft and also on the props the VR really helps, the majority of my better shots were taken with the 70-200mm f2.8 with the 1.7 TC. The reach was short, but the VR made up for it. 2) The shutter speed needs to be 1/100 or 1/160 to really get some nice motion blur on the propeller and background, without it, the image looks static and frozen.

There are alot of images here:) strike rate was 2 in 5 for the panning images.

There are even a few sneaky landscape hot in here too…

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Lowepro bag for the win – when someone floods the overhead locker on the flight home with water and your junk stays dry whilst everyone else is cursing, its a good day

Thanks to Cameron K. Fong for the heads up on the super cheap special.

(C) 2019 Gerard Blacklock, all rights reserved

Sunrise over the Cape.

The previous BW image is given some context by this one – you can see the tiny speck of human here and the length of the coastline gives some more scale to what they were seeing looking back at me

Sunrise over the Cape.
(C) 2019 Gerard Blacklock, all rights reserved


Happy Place.

Pretty well a ritual every day, plonk oneself infront of bookcase and pull down a bunch of books. Little E will happily spend 15 minutes here just thumbing thru the books, lifting flaps and feeling textures.

Happy Place.
(C) 2019 Gerard Blacklock,

Wolli Creek, the true reflections.

15 years ago this patch of land was nothing but a bit of left over industrial land, its now a tiny suburb of apartments with about 15K people living there.
I have driven past this place for the last 15 years and watched it evolve and slowly swallow the only free standing house there (Discovery point), its great that they opened a train station right there as well, probably the only saving grace for the people there since the surrounding roads have not changed

Wolli Creek, the true reflections
(C) 2019 Gerard Blacklock, all rights reserved

Spatial disorientation

Happens when your smashed and on the way home from the pub on friday night or flying around in pitch blackness.. however nowadays it seems the world is completely spatially disorientated with recent events.

You cannot tell what is really on the up and what is really down below.

This is image is not manipulated in the sense of reflections added, actually, its a single shot at 243 seconds, i have not even flipped the image, the composition is straight outta the camera – i know that’s important to some
no added reflections, no added flippage, just me standing upside down when taking it

Spatial disorientation – (C) 2019 Gerard Blacklock, all rights reserved


– Oh shit.. he’s busted me again.
– screw it, i’m going in anyway.. it’ll be worth it..
– ohh.. blissful choc powder!
– don’t be cranky dad, i put it back and did not spill any:)

I think its a rite of passage for all my kids to eat my coffee sugar, choc powder and coffee beans (they only try those once ) i can’t remember how many times i have had to clean my choc powder shaker to remove hardened slobber and chocolate powder…


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Chaos vs empathy.

Its a tough gig growing up and being the oldest, sure there are plenty of positives (probably mostly seen from hindsight and adults) however when you step back and view it from the shoes of a kid it really must be tough, as the oldest your expected to do the right thing all the time, to know better and behave better than your younger siblings, continually help out more than the others, the list goes on. This is then compounded by the fact that it appears you are no longer cute or as lovable as the younger siblings who appear to get more ohhs and ahhs – you can then also pretty well rinse and repeat that for the middle child, i’ll let you know about the third in a few years

Parenting for me is like continual battle of unwavering patience (mine does waver tho, often), discipline, cleaning, making school lunches (don’t wind me up about school lunches) and washing punctuated by moments of sheer joy from the acts of empathy and selflessness that they exhibit. Its those moments that keep you going thru the epic pile of unfolded washing and inside out shirts and tights…or the tantrums when your meant to be at a 9am meeting or the snot on your shirt applied when hanging up and its too hard to reach the tissues

Those moments of joy are hard to capture in images, possibly because your still operating on anxiety level 14.5 million and 2.5 hours of sleep, but i’ll share two here, one captured in images and the other simply in words.

Its 9pm, time for bed and its been a long day when Chaos says
to me “how about you put tickles to bed while i fold the washing” I’m sure you can imagine my skepticism here, especially when it seems at any available moment when not supervised she is doing something she probably should not be doing, fingers in the icecream, biscuits in bed, stashed lollies, eating dads chocolate, putting makeup on, using all of the hair conditioner in one go etc

“really dad…i promise you can trust me this time”

so, in another moment of unwavering patience i take mayhem (aka tickles) off to bed to sleep, fully expecting to come back out and to see two socks folded and chaos laid back on the couch with a bowl of icecream watching married at first sight or something equally inappropriate
20 minutes later i return and yup, its one of those sheer joy moments, she has folded all the washing, pretty darn well too and started to put it away – now this is no small feat in our household where a mountain of washing large enough to cover a small island nation is regular occurrence every couple of days. Well done chaos, you have restored my faith in humanity.

The second, and this is actually somewhat more common, often in a more malformed way tho:) – the act of pure kindness to mum or dad in the way of breakfast in bed, or a variant thereof. here chaos had dutifully made several cups of tea and a few pots as a tea sampling morning for mum they were pretty good too…


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