The Orb

The Orb

Here’s a fun fact – “The Orb” are an electronic music group founded in 1988 by producer-DJs Alex Paterson and Jimmy Cauty a member of the KLF.

A few good trance tracks from them check out the ‘The Blue Room’, but sheesh it feels like you should be stoned in a bathtub whilst listening to it..

….unlike the picture, no weed involved.



Bonza, Rex, Fly Pelican, Virgin – we need this competition, for so long the Red Rat has captured certain rural routes and just bled them dry.. anyone flying to Armidale would remember πŸ™‚

Rex has upped the game, no more flogging it around in slabs of 340, they got themselves some real planes from the big B.. and to boot Bonza Boeings are gonna be squeezing those red rats real soon as well.

I was out getting my nails done at the airport and watched a few planes takeoff, clearly had not seen enough planes during the week πŸ˜‰

Norah Head

Norah Head

ta to the cocktail party going on at Norah Head Lighthouse, not only provided ambient music for my photo session but also some quality light spill which illuminated the side of the lighthouse. (thats the right hand side)

The left hand side courtesy of the rising moon.

and… the door way light thanks to the motion sensitive security light… had me dancing for 25 seconds.

free cocktail would have topped it off.

Single shot (14mm f2.8 @ 20s ISO 3200) – well except for the security light on the door way, i messed that up so had to blend that part with the shot before – too much dancing not enough paying attention to the camera..

Norah Head


The price of our lifestyle.
There’s a pun for every occasion, including this one πŸ™‚
What’s the difference between a corpse and a shirt?
One’s a casualty and the other is a casual tee.

Chaos. Birthday.

Chaos. Birthday.
I have been well strapped in for the last 13 years, but holy sh$t I think i’m gonna need 5 point fighter jet harness for the next X years ! πŸ˜‰
Happy birthday Chaos, ya gonna regret all those early photos πŸ™‚ so i figured I’ll start now with a collage of each birthday (or close to) picture…

Whats green and stands in a corner?

Whats green and stands in a corner?

A naughty frog, or Rodney Campbell light painting a creek.

Some images from some crazy spider and bat infested tunnel in downtown Lindfield. Including a scene with no craziness to show ya’all what it actually looks like πŸ™‚

Everytime i went in that tunnel something dropped on my head… always a tense moment as you wait to see (well feel since it’s pitch black) if it crawls or if its just wet.. aka water droplet.

Cake Helper.

Cake Helper.

Here’s to my little cake helper, aka quality control and batch testing expert.

To combat the soaring cost of living in the luckiest country of all πŸ˜‰ Little E and I decided we will make our own cakes for our birthday’s
yep i get the princess and she gets the number 5 πŸ™‚

I dunno how they tasted since i don’t eat cake no more, but really like any good cake you only have a few bites and eat all the sweet bits anyway πŸ™‚

Snow Camping Tips:

Bring additional foam mat – the cheap blue ones – use for sitting on and/or under sleeping mat if you are a cold sleeper.

The little reflective silver sitting pads are great too – i use one of these with the blue mat and my booty is never cold when sitting on the snow.

Dig a footwell in your tent vestibule – this is the best trick ever, makes getting on and out of the tent heaps easier, especially if your like me, overly tall. Basically means you can sit inside your tent and put your feet into the footwell.

Use snow pegs – this place has them really cheap at the moment.…/

Bring and use pack cover – use this when you put your bag down to stop getting snow in it and also to cover it when snowing, particularly when your setting up or packing up camp.

If you use a gas cannister – put it on something to insulate it when using it, also pour some hot water over the cylinder to improve performance, particularly at the end of the cannister life.

Use drink bottle with hot water inside as a hotwater bottle at night, put a spare sock around it to keep it warm through the night. Absolute game changer for people with cold feet (like me). Also put water bottle into sleeping bag to warm it up first.

Bring Snow shovel. Build a camp wall, does two things, warms you up as you build it and provides lots of protection from the wind. Also make sure you set your tent up on a flat surface – nothing worse then sliding off your warm mat onto icy cold patches all night long :). Pick you camp site carefully to avoid wind and dead trees… but more importantly to get a great view when you wake up πŸ™‚

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