Gotta love the Norwegians

From having a proper vaccination injury compensation scheme (story for another day i reckon) thru to the reviving of people suffering hypothermia, its always a fun read, so thought it best to share a few gems.

In 1999 a woman whilst skiing fell into a creek (near Narvik – up in the famous Lofeten islands area) was revived after her temperature dropped to 13.7Β°C . That case surpassed by a young boy (Poland) who went to 11Β°C, crazy stuff.

These cases came up since they are investigating the use of viagra (or similar drugs) for treatment of hypothermic patients – makes sense i suppose.. dilating arteries and making it easier for the heart to pump or something…. this… More

The bright side.

Sydney Park
I certainly have a love-hate relationship with Sydney park, but I think I think i have taken a positive spin on it in recent months during the lockdown with regular runs and sessions with the kids. Its been really busy with lots of people, everyone from kids, dog walkers, gym junkes, walkers, randy couples, drug dealers, drug takers and of course a fair smattering of excessive use of active wear.. try explaining to your 3 daughters the concept and reasoning for those.. ahem.. ‘gathered’ leggings that seem to be the rage at the moment. Geez i don’t have a issue with them, as I suspect most dudes don’t however the best explanation i could come up with to… More

The adventures of lavendar-man and bat-roo.. or is it the other way round :)

The adventures of lavendar-man and bat-roo.. or is it the other way round

I deserve several medals, 1) for clearing the table to actually be able to do this 2) being able to put some water droplets on anything with 3 kids thundering around 3) keeping those water droplets on for more than 30 seconds.

Thanks to Al Chris for sending me a inspirational macro book – i have not read it yet, but i can only get better from here… Really appreciate it

Also thanks to the fongster (Cameron K. Fong) for the flash triggers, I finally got around to using them, they work really well, heaps better than relying on onboard flash trigger.

Patrolling the CBD for protesters.. ?

What I do know tho – the dinky little camera at the front can see your silly ass from a long long way away, it can see it in colour, in infrared.. at night time.. and if that fails that little torch (aka trakkabeam) on the back will illuminate your silly ass as well.

and then… if your in any doubt that your doing the wrong thing, that little speaker will blast “Bad boys, whatcha want, watcha want, whatcha gonna do? ”

NSW Polair Bell 429, not a bad little helicopter also ya can fly over my place any day, makes for a nice change from those boring Toll ambulance ones

Magic Point.

Thats the name of a little point out in Malabar, however its also prudent to know that magic point is also what Christine Holgate also got – a 1.1mil payout from Auspost, a new job with a direct competitor (Toll) .. i don’t see any pollies talking about this today..

Anyway, in all honesty, Magic Point in Malabar is more interesting, we have been walking around here a bit lately – along with alot of others trying to find those small patches of open space to get out of the house and exercise. Safe to say that all 3 slept well after this one

Sydney Park Life

If you think there is a lot of people in the park now… just wait until they (onesydney) builds its next wannabe trendy trying to be hip apartment blocks right in the park.

This park has been flogged, people from over in the Mascot towers now come to use it, which i do not object to, however City of Sydney need to really think about public green space for the sardine residents.

Where are the proactive visions from which this park was built on now ? this park was built on a wasteland, they (City of Sydney) should have 5 more of these kind of sites in progress by now, rather than cutting up land for more apartment blocks they should be cutting up land for more parks…. oh wait.. parks don’t fed the economic growth numbers….