Happy 7th Birthday Tickles.

Happy 7th Birthday Tickles.
You are a patient, kind hearted example of the human species and there is a lot we can learn from you :)
Thankyou also for introducing me to ‘Pusheen’ (thats a fat animated cat thing for all you peeps under a rock:) ) I suspect our house and bank balance will never be the same – they are however so soft and cuddly ;)


Its like the fertilizer running off the golf course slowly turning the rocks into a putrid mix of algae and shit, slowly infecting the vast mass of the sea.
I was standing beneath a golf course here, the furthest point in the picture… still a golf course..

Middle Sis

Middle Sis
Every one needs a big sis, some are lucky enough to have a big sis and a middle sis :)
The best place in Sydney park ? with the crazy swans and their cygnets… since no dogs are allowed there :) I’m glad they have fenced off the bottom pond here, it means you can get some relief from all the dogs in the park – don’t get me wrong, i like dogs, but it seems the inner west has gone dog mad.
Pretty sure some dog owners would prolly like to s

ee a area fenced off for no kids on scooters too :)

Buchan Point

Buchan Point
Gotta love our golf courses here in Sydney, beside taking up large swathes of nice coastline, the signage is … novel to say the least.
First, ‘no public access, no pedestrians’.. but if you are there… you must ‘wear a lifevest’

Warm Sunshine

The last moments of warm sunshine as sunset approaches.
A bit like social media pre-covid, it was heading downhill, now its just completely smashed by darkness.
Suggest me some new social media friends, ones with nice pictures, thought provoking topics and sentences not punctuated by instagram hashtags and wanky stories..
surely not too much to ask right :)

If no one believes in a god… does it exist ?

If no one believes in a god… does it exist ?
ever since being a little kid i always thought it would an absolute cackle when aliens came and looked upon our planet and race, surely this ants nest of people and the plethora beliefs and gods would bring a giggle to any self respecting alien…
Don’t get me wrong.. a belief system is good, if a god does that for you then fine, but it all seems a bit warped now.. thinking politics and religion right now.
on a lighter Sunday note, heres another tree with his pal the rock.

Galaxy Navigation

Galaxy Navigation – there’s a few stars out there. If you were piloting your boat out of the breakwater that evening the milkyway would have lined you up nicely to guide you thru the channel.
10 images @ 20mm stitched together

Happy Fathers day.

Happy Fathers day.
Its not the socks and handkerchiefs that you get every year that you remember, but the experience and memories that are made, they last longer than my socks anyways.
Thanks to Sarah Joy, great food and even better company, probably should take more pictures :)