SugarLoaf Falls

Just a little suburban set of falls which comes alight after alittle bit rain, well alot actually – its now (presumably yonks ago was not) fed only by road run off so even 24 hours after the monster dump of rain sydney had on the friday this was all that was flowing.

Aussie Bees

Just doing our part to help keep the bee population up, gotta say these Bee's seemed to have zero pollen on them which makes me wonder if our Lavender plant is a bit of a dud.

In recent light of the authenticity of australian honey, its a good time to remember there are lots of great alternatives to the supermarket chains honey brands, if your in Sydney the flemmo markets have a really good stall for honey or you can always check out for local providers near your area.

In Album 09/09/2018

Critical Thinking

What has happened to all our critical thinking? Why do people not question what is placed before them in a world full of click bait, one liners and shock headlines, i would have thought our ability to critically assess what our eyes are seeing, reading and watching would have improved, sadly it seems, for the majority, the opposite is true.
If you agree with the opinion, the vision or the story placed in front of you, then that is all the more reason to question why?!… my slight bend on that famous quote by Mark Twain, 'Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect.'


I am kinda tired of signs, everywhere you go now there is a sign telling you not to walk here, do not climb on this, do not cross this line, do not ride your bike, do not skate here…. Some signs could be replaced a single sign telling us what we can do, which would reduce the lines on these signs to lets say.. one line :)

No signs on this tree tho – Woolooware Bay