Tickles first Bike Ride

I am not sure what enjoyed more, watching Tickles ride around Sydney Park for the first time or watching others get out of her way. Not bad for a first effort, just need to work on the application of the braking system, not so much the ability to actually use both the pedals and both handbrakes but moreso to use them in a more gradual application. We certainly broke in that new bike and the tyres, each application of the brakes resulted in a black rubber streak on the path :) and mostly me or someone else tripping over her :) One complete lap around sydney park definitely deserved an over priced icecream…Well done to Chaos also for being a helpful big Sis with plenty of encouragement and the occasion threat ;)

In Album 08/06/2017


Wide Brown Land

Deserves a wide pano i reckons.

So after asking where in Canberra Chaos would like to go, she says,
'that place with the gumnut houses'
me: 'oh right, i can't remember what I had for breakfast, can you give me some more clues? :) '
chaos: 'That place were we took a picture with the rocket ship :) '
ahh now I understand, I did have her convinced that the Black Mountain Telstra Tower was indeed a space rocket :)

She also said she wanted another picture there (https://flic.kr/p/CEkDax) with her sister in the same spot, so after a cool session at the Arboretum with the two best Aunties we stopped by to grab a quick shot. Tickles was mighty unimpressed due to the fact she was almost asleep, but with some promises of everything under the sun by Chaos she diligently sat up on the sculpture and scowled for the photo :)


Wicked Curves

Sometimes at work I have been known to be a bit of a PITA to my manufacturing brethren, I often get calls from sheeties cursing me and asking why the f%$# did I put a lightening hole in there.. to which I usually giggle, ' cause i can' ;) ..
but.. this architect takes this to another level, if I was the builder for this.. I would be like, why the f$%# did you not make at least a couple of levels the same.. actually why the hell did you make everything different ? ;)
Well I suppose on the bright side the builders are not gonna get bored, different shape every day..


Barangaroo Skyline

If you reckon these three 'International Towers' look big on the sydney skyline, wait until the final stages of the precinct development is complete, there is another 3 towers, albeit smaller footprint but taller to be placed to the north of these 3 fat towers :)

The development as it stands seems pretty good, the area at the 3 towers has a nice mix of good food places and apartments, if living in the CBD is your thing :) and the proximity to the nice reserve on the northern part completes the mix.

Whilst one should never trust a property developer ;) sometimes they and the governing bodies get it right and this one, from my lay person perspective seems pretty good.

Also, if you do live here, maybe close your curtains ;) Full resolution imagery is bad for you :) note this image is 50% of the size of the original panorama image, at nearly a gig in file size these large panos just become to hard to work with :)