Storm Sunsets.

Try explaining to a 4 year old where the saying ‘a fizzer’ comes from

I got to the end of it (using the analogy of fireworks) and the immediate response was ‘is there gonna be fireworks at the park dad?’

Sunset was no fizzer.. sure beat watching telly…

Not a bad shot, 4 or so images stitched into a pano all handheld.

Classic Somersby Falls

I made the fundamental error of feeling sorry for local bush turkey that was looking longingly at me when got here, he looked so cold and wet from the storm that came thru, so I gave him my last blueberry.. it was just one and I figured at least it was not a potato chip But like his not too distant cousin.. the seagull, he hounded my for the next 10 minutes… i suppose i should be grateful he did not bring his pals… lesson learnt.

Rest Stop.

My favourite place to stop on the way home back to Sydney. I just snuck in before sunset and closing time. It is a popular place and i have a bunch of shots from here, but its like an old friend… always good to catch up for a sess.

I suspect the waters gonna be pumping here in the coming days, it was already pretty brown and smelling good


Pano shot, about 6 shots stitched together with the 24-70mm, some where around the 10 second exposure time with the Kase magnetic CPL, I really like this filter with the 24-70, the big hood protects the lens from spray and water and you can shoot in a pretty decent shower without having to clean the lens…
#kasefilter #somersby


There’s a rumour going around about two waves racing to the each. Can you guess which one won?
They Tide…

Now that I don’t have to home school with lockdown finishing, i can concentrate on finding the best quality dad puns – all that long division and apostrophe’s that contract and possess were doing my head in..

Kase Filters 1.2 soft grad with the circular polariser, f16 @ 0.4s. It only took me about 20 shots to get this, I had completely forgotten what controls were where on my camera;)


Its been 2 years since I have done a sunrise session on the northern beaches, I gotta say, someone forgot to tell our rock orbiting the sun that sunrise before 6am is kinda not acceptable for the late shift crew

I got to use my Kase Filters which had certainly gathered plenty of dust during the lock down, Kase Wolverine ND1000 with the 1.2 grad.



Its been awhile, actually I cannot remember the last seascape sunrise I did, luckily for me there was a prediction of zero clouds for sunrise, hence sunset it was….

Rodney Campbell really wanted to check out this nudie beach, clearly he has not been out in a awhile it did however have some nice and somewhat less traveled views on the Bare Island bridge. The sun was setting just over the bridge which actually looked really neat, not a scene I would expect to see in Sydney.

I have had the opportunity to try out the new version of Lightroom with the ‘game changing’ masks, lets not get too carried away here, certainly some nice features and the automatic masks seem to work well but I would not pay any extra for it…

A few images from the sunset.