Why was the tunnel always getting into trouble?…
Because it was bored.

So the Helensbugh Tunnels have changed a fair bit since I was last here – firstly they have dirty great big fences to keep the instagrammers out
Secondly, the classic tunnel with the glow worms is super overgrown and full of water, not even worth going into unless ya got a boat.

Rodney Campbell wanted to check these out – I had mostly dry feet prior to this, however afterwards, I had shoes full of mud and water, like that kind of water and mud that gives you dysentery if you ain’t careful.

A few panos of the tunnel entrance.



I’ll be devastated if this bridge at Cape Banks falls over. I’ll never get over it.

Kase double hard grad filter (0.9) with circular ND1000 and CPL.
f11 @ 143s and 16mm.

Slide to the right.

Cape Banks.

Swell was pretty wild, not so much in size but just random sets and hard to pick, hence a good time to stand back

Trying out the #kasefilters double grad, this filter has a 0.9x grad on the top and the bottom, with one a gradual (medium) transition and the other a hard transition, it works quite well, i was worried that it might run out of space (top/bottom) but seems to be well design in the sizing, I think I also prefer the medium and hard transitions over the soft ones.

Taken with the #KaseArmour holder with the circular polariser and the ND64 attached.

25secs @ f16, 16mm and no wet toes.

Kase Filters Australia Kase Filters

Milsons Point

I have been here twice in less than a week, prolly ’cause the parking is easy and cheap, well cheap when compared to the daylight robbery that is westconnex.

Here’s a bunch of pictures from a sunset and a sunrise.

AN-225 Mriya

The Soviet era produced many wonderful aviation projects (and some horrors too) but the AN-225 is one of the unique aircraft that now destroyed will probably never be seen again, only 2 airframes were built and is the largest aircraft ever built. 640 tonnes takeoff weight with nearly half that fuel, pretty epic stuff, now nothing but a smoldering mess of good quality aluminium