Barangaroo Skyline

If you reckon these three 'International Towers' look big on the sydney skyline, wait until the final stages of the precinct development is complete, there is another 3 towers, albeit smaller footprint but taller to be placed to the north of these 3 fat towers :)

The development as it stands seems pretty good, the area at the 3 towers has a nice mix of good food places and apartments, if living in the CBD is your thing :) and the proximity to the nice reserve on the northern part completes the mix.

Whilst one should never trust a property developer ;) sometimes they and the governing bodies get it right and this one, from my lay person perspective seems pretty good.

Also, if you do live here, maybe close your curtains ;) Full resolution imagery is bad for you :) note this image is 50% of the size of the original panorama image, at nearly a gig in file size these large panos just become to hard to work with :)

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6 thoughts on “Barangaroo Skyline

  1. Details
    It had potential when I wandered along there before Sculptures at Barangaroo, some interesting architecture. I sound check it out again sometime maybe

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