This is what gerrys back feels like after being stuck in bed for days after being smashed down by the man flu – correction… this is worse than any man flu.. this is the kid flu…. the flu that has been hardened by the young immune systems, borne from those facilities called schools, for which i shall now refer to as virus incubation and hardening facilities once its done its rounds thru school building up its attack its then deployed into the wild to wreak havoc on unsuspecting parents…including me.

I’m getting the flu shot next year

Interesting fact about the flu, the flu cells are covered in a ‘buttery’ coating which protects the virus until it gets ingested into the body where this layer melts and allows the virus cell to infect the victim cell. Apparently the ‘buttery’ surface hardens more in winter due to the cold providing the virus cell more protection, possibly why its more prevalent in winter they reckon.. sounds legit to me and in accordance with my theory that you don’t get the flu from being cold

Sugar Pine Forest - Bent

Sugar Pine Forest – Bent
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