Briksdal Glacier

Norway deserves to be viewed large so zoom on in 🙂

Need directions ? well its not the one in the image here, you need to head down the valley and take a left after the second mountain on the left 🙂
So, its advertised as the largest Glacier in mainland Europe, one which you can (correction) used to be able to walk up onto. Irrespective of what you think of climate change, clearly there is something going on here, if you look at images of this glacier from 2002 and compare it to now, its pretty well all but disappeared, not to mention the 45 minute walk up to the glacier is somewhat less rewarding when all you can see is a chunk of ice 1/3rd the way up the hill 🙁
This image is from the drive into where the glacier is, still a very popular spot with all the tourists, mainly held up by the fact that the cruise ships bus their pax up so you get a complete flood of people at certain times of the day, the highlight of the walk up to the glacier pond was seeing a few ponies in a field, which the kids loved 🙂

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7 thoughts on “Briksdal Glacier

  1. After a full screen view – lasting at least five minutes – all I can say is the Lake District has nothing on Norway. This is humblingly glorious.

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