Bundjalung Country

Wandered out to clean my fangs, nearly tripped over a possum and noticed the clouds had parted, divine intervention or some BS and then noticed the stars looked rather nice. Not a bad view to clean your teeth to i say, even went back in to get the camera and take a photo 🙂

Whenever you do a search for Bundjalung National park and the history its astounding how little info there is, well on the first couple of pages in the google search results anyway. The area has quite some history with it being used (historically and currently) as bombing range and training ground, but that history is insignificant to the apparently 12,000 years of history of the local aboriginal people who inhabited the area…
So it would be nice to google search and not find people whinging about the beach 4wd access being cut off or youtube videos of someone harassing a crab but some actual useful historical information..

Anyways, heres a photo of some stars, the milkyway and our Coleman Australia tent and Holden Australia commodore 😉 ya like that brand name plug there 🙂

This is a single shot Nikon D750 with the Samyang 14mm f2.8 at ISO 3200 f2.8 and shutter 20 seconds

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10 thoughts on “Bundjalung Country

  1. +Chris Sutton ta mate, they are a bit cliche now, but I still like them. I dunno about gplus to be honest, very disappointing tho, this was the first SM joined and have actively used so its very disappointing, as such, my trust and loyalty to google is gone, i'll actively avoid their products.

  2. +Gerard Blacklock there's been some whispers that communities will survive rebranded, but the public stream will be gone. I feel the same way, but I'm thinking more about how to keep in touch with all the friends and acquaintances I've made here (and there's a lot more than I would have thought). I've tried Pluspora but like all the rest it's poor for photos, and there's a nasty under current in the broader Diaspora platform that I don't want a bar of. (Happy to elaborate privately). I've been talking to a bunch of people in the photography mentorships about the possibility of developing a platform especially for photographers. Relatively simple to build, although a lot of work, and the build could be crowdfunded, but how to cover longer term development and maintenance costs is something I don't have an answer for at the moment. Feel free to e-mail or private message if you want chat more about it. In the meantime, we have 10 months to enjoy more photos 🙂

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