CASA212 is coming to a close…

Well have been pretty damn flat out the last 3 weeks since my last post.. the CASA212 project is starting to wind up…some memorable moments to look back on:

1) FDR install….convincing Arthur that mounting a FDR at an angle is a bad thing…
2) CVR install…i know where i will be put my scared ass if the plane ever crashes….on the CVR tray….probably match the 3500gs the CVR unit is required to withstand 🙂
3) Gps Centre console mods….Arthur did very well with i must say ..much better than any ideas i had, but i have to say the Proe model was so damn spot on…on one dim was out by 1mm!!

At the last count the drawing sheet count was close to 180 pages….pretty hard core!! Both matt and justin have reviewed the project and looked at the aircraft and seem to be pretty happy with the structural fitout, the only issue that was raised was the location of the ELT, it is one frame forward of the originbal location, probably could have gone further back, however the regs only specifiy ‘ must be mount as far aft as practable’ or something like that, so it is not really an issue. Againif want to tie down ur ski-doo or quad bike, u could probably use the ELT mount….darn strong…

‘If u can’t pick the aircraft from it, it ‘aint strong enough’!!

Well i definitely adhere to that philosphy (spelling), i seem to be getting a reputation for making things a little over engineered and strong…rather be overweight and over engineered then explaining to the magistrate why the thing crashed into a kindy school 🙂

Last night about 11 i was able to take a drive out the airport and get some OK nite shots of the foreshore and a 747 taking off…will have to try that again…speaking of images, i have had the opportunity to get some pix of the smick aircraft in the hangar that the CASA212 is parked in, G5, global express, learjet 60, Falcon 200 ..(thats the crappest one in there!!), unfortuntely the pix are not that great but…hey better than a kick in the ass….

Also found out tonite that one of the autoavia boys has given notice…a shame…definitely gonna result in an increased workload on the rest of us…..

Wonder if we are gonna get our reviews some time this year!!! they are already 4 months over due….probably say something next week…as long as the raise gets back paid, am not too fussed….although there are some issues i would like to raise….

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