Quibray Bay

What seemed like a good idea, or in this case what seemed like a good spot to take a picture ended up as a not so much of a good idea or spot :)

Each little tree beckoned me further into the swamp that is Quibray bay, each little tree held such promise from afar but alas as I got close it did not seem so good. I did settle on this little tree, only because each step i took back resulted in me being knee deep in oyster shell filled mud. I suppose looking on the bright side it did mean, being knee deep in the mud, I had only a short way to bend down to be able to get this picture :)
Also the mozzies could not get my legs 'cause they were covered in mud :) gerry ftw.

I do like this little part of Botany bay, it takes a little planning to be able to get out to spots like this at the right time of the day, the only access (that I know of) is via the waterline, hence if its high tide your not getting in there unless you swim or kayak. Its a shame that it appears to be the back water area for all the plastic in Botany Bay to wash but there is evidence of people actively trying to combat the massess of waste that pile up there each month – i bet they are local volunteers :)


So.. lets recap on this particular day.

9am. Sunny.. no clouds, hang washing out. Sky looking awesome for startrails.

11am. Sunny.. no clouds, clean bathroom bring in clothes which dry within 15 minutes in the.. did i mention sunny no clouds sky.

3pm. Sunny.. no clouds, clean kids room and find all the contraband hidden behind wardrobes, under beds, in shoes, in pillow cases and remind oneself to conduct a shakedown of each child prior to allow entry to the bedroom for that thing they call 'trying to go to sleep' :) bit hard to go to sleep if your juiced up on 6 Ferrero rocher's.

5pm. Sunny.. no clouds, carry out a few errands in the car, noting the clear sky over all of sydney, looking awesome for startrails.

7pm. Sunset approaching.. no clouds. deploy to chosen star trails location which I have waited yonks for and have a night without kids and suitably dark sky period. Looking awesome for star trails.

8pm. Sunset.. no clouds lookign awesome for star trails and setup camera after all the tourists and fisherpeeps leave.

9pm. Lightpainting shenanigans whilst waiting for the dark night period from 9:40pm to 11:30pm… yup you guessed it.. no clouds.

9:40pm.. no clouds.. start camera to capture star trails.

9:50pm.. wtf! out of nowhere and local to the spot I was in.. a bunch of clouds magically appear.. i mean c'mon! I look around and there are no other clouds except right there directly above the headland I am on…

10:00 pm pack up camera, kick dirt in the direction of the clouds and ride my pushie home copping a face full of those great spiders that insist on setting up webs at head level.

Hows the Serenity

Standing here as the tide came in with my shoes hanging in a tree, the sound of mozzies swarming, crabs coming out to play…. and i thought 'now thats all a bit nice' then the roar of a A380 overhead made it complete ;) luckily I like aircraft noise I suppose…
time with nature…tick
interaction with the wildlife…tick.

Here we go

2018 in full swing.. every year I take a few shots from this location (Kirribilli, NSW), i never get bored of this view, its not very creative (like those puddle reflection images you see from here all the time :) ) but I still love it.

Sydney Fireworks

I achieved one goal for the fireworks this year, i got to see the fireworks from both the western side of the bridge and the eastern side, standby for my patent on tele-transportation in 2018 :)

The fireworks are always interesting but to the fireworks head honcho explosion maker/decider can I make a few suggestions.
1) given that you guys are struggling with the invention of smokeless fireworks can I suggestion rather than a rolling display break it up with a few small intervals, only a few minutes to let the smoke clear a bit :)

2) The first sequence of fireworks is the one where you get the best shots because of the smoke issue :) and lets be honest here just about every person watching the big bang has a camera so that a big part of the display :) hence makes sure the first sequence counts, I liked the numbers this year but really they made crap pictures ;) 2014 and 2015 were much better :)

3) I note you have taken notice of my suggestion from last year.. but i'll suggest it again.. because.. you can never have too many blue fireworks :) they are awesome in my opinion :)

4) feel free to contact me for some consultation :) i'll trade for a awesome vantage point next year :)

btw, check out the first picture with the 'top-hat' firework.. now thats pretty damn cool, hats off to you explosion engineers for that one ;)
The last 3 are from the western side of the bridge..

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