ya gotta view this one large :)

So how long do ya reckon it takes water (mixed with a few rocks and sand) to carve out an alcove like this ?

I thought about it for a second then realised.. who gives a crap, it looks awesome and will definitely be the same well after I'm gone :)


Lone Kayaker

Thats probably enough for my jetty fix now :)

This guy turned up shortly after me, it was still pitch black at the time, but it did not stop him getting setup with his kayak and fishing, gear shortly after the first light came on and it was a very pleasant morning to be out, there was not a breath of wind, the mozzies were bearable and company was quiet :)

This is a 3 shot panorama with the middle frame capturing the Kayaker as we both stopped and watched the colours develop.


Anti-crap Rays

I sat at this spot, called Wash House Beach, watching a pretty well cloudless sunrise happen thinking, this was not worth hauling my ass outta bed for when I was saved by some quality anti-crap rays (apparently really called anti crepuscular rays however thats a mouth full and no where as near interesting as my version)

Here's a fun fact for ya'all, wash house beach and in particular this fairly small rock shelf is apparently home to over 128 species organisms.. well I only saw one type and that was a single crab :) but he also got to see this wonderful view of ray action :)


World Solution

Just so ya'all know, I have sussed out the solution to all the worlds problems… I have figured I am right since if Chaos and Mayhem can get their lollies together and make up then all the rest of the worlds problems should be a breeze.. ;) they did not get their nicknames for no reason…
If only the solution was as simple as just sitting down and enjoying a snack together :)

Note the deployment of the sprinkles on the hot chocolate, always a winner :) and of course the home made banana bread – there's a story behind that :)
Made by yours truly with leet bakin' skillz using bananas grown locally in our community garden Camdenville Paddock Community Garden. I never would have thought you could grow bananas in sydney and ones as awesome as these are, they are now getting to the end where they are getting all black an stuff, but perfect for banana smoothies and banana bread, the former a staple in our household ;)


Gerard Blacklock

Just now ·
The Mardi gras plane

You would not think that this aircraft is the better side of 15 years old, its amazing what a coat of new paint, some spanky new logos and a brand name on the bottom can do (yep they ripped that off emirates).
Note the placement of the logo on the engine nacelle inboard and outboard sides, there is clearly alot more thought about pax seeing these when in the aircraft too, oddly tho, the winglet logos are only in the inside…



Being a parent can be a bit of drag somedays, the busted knees from too many legs rides, the crook neck from piggy backs that have gone wrong, the cramps from being squeezed out of bed in the middle of the night – just to digress for a moment.. seriously that bloody song about 10 in the bed and the little one said roll over… thats me, I move an inch and there are two little bodies there immediately to fill that gap and thunk, i end up plastered against the bedside table or on the floor…anyway, thats a few of the negatives…

There are however, moments that will remain with me forever – one of which is when we walk to school, the feeling of that little hand sliding into my mine without either of us barely noticing, a automatic action as we dodge the trees and poles on the walk, that little hand just returns and slips into mine. As cliche as it might sound, that action speaks thousand words,all of which would not even come close to expressing the feeling…

…. then we get to school and its yep.. barely a 'see ya dad' as she disappears off with friends to plot the level of chaos. Thats alright tho :)

hey onto lighter notes, heres how to ruin your knees in 2 easy steps, the first weighs in at about 15 kilos and the other over 20….



If you look carefully you might be able to see the two people standing atop the crazy rock outcropping. I like this image image 'cause it creates a neat analogy between the persons, the incoming storm, which yup.. i got wet for, and the light house which is the apparent destination.. They were probably walking back from the lighthouse, since it was getting rather late (9pm-ish) but I won't let that get in the way of a good image-story :)

I hope ya'all finding the right path to your light house :)