Never take life for granite

Never take life for granite and make sure someone has got your back.

Sometimes in life you just need someone there to break the back of the wind, not to take it all away, but take the edge away.

This little tree and his rock pal were a pair of standouts on this hill up from the Thredbo River, not a majestic snow gum yet, but hopefully one day it will take the place of so many of the old and falling snowgums.

(C) 2020 Gerard Blacklock, all rights reserved

Balls of Steel.

Thelma Point. I visited this little spot some years and have always wanted to get back with the right conditions, its a fine balance between too much water flowing over the rockshelf and not enough to create a nice cascade.

Its also a good reminder to watch the sea and never assume that just cause there has not been any waves come across for 5 or 10 minutes that its all sweet. This spot, on this morning, had some odd rhythms to it, it would go almost 12 or 15 minutes without a wave making it over the shelf, then you get a whole bunch, like 5 or 6 waves that would nail it.. and when those bunker busters are pounding the pavement its hard to hold your own

Taken with the very nice KaseFilters 1.2 grey graduated filter for a shutter speed of 1/4s

Balls of Steel

Sense of Scale.

Sense of Scale – (C) 2020 Gerard Blacklock, all rights reserved

Not often you see surfers turn around and come back from a spot (Themla Head) they have just walked 20 minutes to get to. They all ended up on this little section on the northern end of Garie Beach still pretty hairy I reckon.

Evans Head Marina

I think I am pretty impressed with this 20mm f1.4 lens, being able to shoot at iso 1250 or 1600 and 15 seconds and still get so much light in is just great – now lens manufacturer’s.. all i really want now is 14mm f1.4

This image actually quite simple, its 7 shots stitched together to create the vertical panorama, there is no composite foreground, no stacking for the milkyway and its pretty much what you see with the naked eye, well probably a bit brighter…

Evans Head Marina

Starry Pandanus

6 images @ 20mm f1.6 iso 200 and 15 sec.

I learnt from my last image with this lens, lower frame focused on the ferny bush in the foreground, then the remaining frames at the pandanus at F1.6, a little more dof.

Be like the Pandanus… a good listener who knows when to be quietΒ Starry Pandanus



I think I have forgotten how to take seascape shots – i sat here for 20 minutes waiting for decent wave to come up this channel, then sure enough, 2 minutes after I packed up and moved over to another spot, the swell was right and the wave came …


Starry Boats

Starry Boats

Starry Boats

– I think if more people went outside and stared at the stars for a while the world would be a better place. Remember, your just a collection molecules floating thru space and one day they will be returned.. lifes too short to argue with dicks on the internet..(but sure as hell its fun )

Brand new bangers.

Last time I was here the building on the left was but a bunch of electronic lines in some ex dubai’s architects computer – now its the dominator on the Sydney skyline.
Whilst it has some nice curves, it really seems to lack any real pizzazz, something to make you go, wow that looks awesome or standout amoungst the rest of the glass and concrete sitting around. Maybe I am alittle harsh on my civil brethren, the world of aviation has not really set things alight in terms of revolutionally design’s, (other than saving a bunch of weight and pretty displays)

Barangaroo at Dusk.

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