I was listening to the radio the other day and they were talking about the Concord and when it used to fly to Sydney, it sparked a memory from way back in the late naughty nighties (damn i feel old) when a mate took me on a tour of the Qantas Jetbase at which he was a 2nd year apprentice, this was the same time I was doing aero engineering at uni – talk about throwback saturday 🙂

Its hard to imagine that you could still get into the Jetbase as a guest like this now and funnily enough I have spent alot of hours over there in recent years working., bizarre how life turns out..

Anyway, the memory made me drag up this high quality classy image that i took on something resembling a 3 dollar disposable camera 🙂

Whilst at uni I lived near the airport, and often saw the concord fly in, it was a sight and sound to behold, but to see it up close was something else altogether. The Hangar its parked out front (in the image) of now houses the A380 during turn around maintenance, the aircraft is/was surprisingly small, i was expecting something quite a bit bigger.

Nonetheless, here's my image and memory of a piece of aviation history.

Exif data:
yeah dunno…its a film camera.. it was scanned into my computer in 1999
but hey, lets take a punt, i reckon its iso 100 film and shutter would have been about 1/750s at a aperture of f/8. The glass out front is clearly high quality

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12 thoughts on “Concord

  1. I seem to remember that the Concorde had to get special permission to fly into Australia so its visits were rare. It wasn't allowed to fly at supersonic speeds anywhere in Aussie airspace.

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