Crazy Chops Saturday

how much fun can two kids have on a hill?

This reminds me so much of my childhood, we did not have bundles of toys or the latest game console (think original.. yes the original and first nintendo console 🙂 ) but we made our fun on our pushbikes in the parks, bush, local creek or anywhere else where we were probably not allowed to be 🙂

Its great that in Sydney we do have alot of open spaces and parks where we (and the kids) can go and ride pushbikes and get outside. Sydney park is one of the great spots I reckon, only slightly ruined by the large number of free roaming dogs (and the resulting dog shit from inconsiderate owners…). This hill is a particular favorite of mine, we can watch the NYE fireworks from here, have a BBQ (on the new electric BBQ's), roll down the hill, run up the hill, run around the hill, walk around the hill, sit on the hill, watch planes from the hill, watch other people from the hill, ride bikes up the hill and yep you guessed it.. ride them down 🙂

on this day, we chose to run up and down the hill, in a exercise that ding-dong daddy (thats me apparently) calls energy extraction No 5. It involves them (chaos and tickles) running up the hill then down to be caught by me and thrown up into the air (that part is called damaging ding-dong daddys back, but as you know we do anything for our kids 🙂 ). and for some multitasking talent I even took a few photos during the process 🙂

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5 thoughts on “Crazy Chops Saturday

  1. Hehehe this is just too cute for words +Gerard Blacklock​! Free-ranging children and the joys of innocent activities with the family 😀 Should be more of it! Still can't believe how much Chaos is growing! And Tickles has left her toddler days behind. . they just are growing up so fast 💕

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