Guinness makes you Jolly

So we stopped at this little 'ol place called Dornie, there is a rather large old castle there, but the more important thing was that we went to the local pub for lunch where I learnt two things..

1) fish and chups is not really like our fish and chips back home and they seem to have an aversion to using sauce bottles and hence have micro sized sauce satchels instead.. thats all well and good, but you gotta use 219 of them to actually get any useful amount of source out, this did have a positive outcome tho.. kinda.. it meant the crazy kids could only eat so much sauce.. they were limited to how fast they could open these wee satchels… hence tickles aka 'would you like a chip with your sauce' went a bit hungry and frustrated 🙂

2) I should really down multiple Guinness before heading off to work – so I am there ordering myself and the girls a real manly round of apple juice and diet coke when at the end of the bar I notice.. well it was a bit hard not to notice, a local scottish gentleman (and I mean that in the true sense) at the end of the bar with a pint of Guinness in his hand. Now that in it sense may not seem strange, however he was decked out in a full kilt and knocking this beer back at a pretty impressive rate, the barperson (note i use the non sex biased version 😉 ) had just finished topping up the second pint and placed it in front of him, at which I thought 'sh$t.. respect to these dudes in scotland' and headed back to my table with my manly apple juice and diet coke 🙂

After lunch and leaving a pile of sauce satchels 3 kms high we went and visited this castle, stuffed if I can remember the name of it.. Eleanor i think .. and during the visit in the Grand Trophy room who should be there! the dude from the pub.. and I'll tell ya what, he was pretty darn jolly and gave us a great little tour of the spot.. so good onya mate and onto the moral of the ramblings… drink Guinness before doing anything to ensure jolliness 🙂

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10 thoughts on “Guinness makes you Jolly

  1. Nice castle. Most photographed in Scotland I believe. I certainly took a few photos.

    As for the sauce packets the size didn't bother me as I don't ever have tomato sauce with fish and chips. Salt and Vinegar – Yes ; Tomato Sauce – Weird…

  2. Poor Tickles! Sauce sachets simply don't make it for a sauce lover like her. Apple juice and Guinness are decidedly not the same things but I would opt for the juice every time. What I love about this image, outside of the fact that the scenery is spectacular, is the sense of depth you have captured, with the castle and the hill on the left seeming to stand out from the mountains in the far distance. Brilliant shot, but that goes without saying when it comes from you!

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