Hardrive Failure – Read/Write Head

Always the worst kind of failure in the box…

The top few common causes of Harddrive Failure:

1) Physical abuse failure – this can be from transportation, dropping or even normal wear and tear in a laptop environment, HDD’s are very delicate items and when you get the nust and bolts of it, its precision disk spinning bloddy fast with a needle on it, remember what happened when you bumped the record player?! Basically head crashes are the most common physical failure. So next time windoze drops the BSOD on ya, resist the urge to smack that bitch-ass computer around 🙂

2) Heat – I reckon this rates pretty high, plenty of times when transferring data from one drive to another outside of a case and its quite incredible how hot the casing can get, almost to the point of not being able to touch it! Keep those drives fan cooled at all times, at the very least ensure the primary drive is fan cooled.

3) Power malfunction – power surge, static, lightning strike, whatever…these are all ways to zap a drive, always use a surge protecter, don’t run around the house in your sunday best shoes on teh carpet then touch the hardrive 🙂 and well lighting…cross ya fingers…

Nonetheless, fun and games aside, lets look at that HDD head closely…

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