I only have 12.5 million other vivid images to go ;) but I'll save those for another day :)

Here are my pano versions of the SOH, each shot is 3 images stitched into a panorama, I could have probably done it with a single image for each one at a slightly wider zoom, but hey where is the fun in that :) luckily the animations did not move too quick hence you can rattle of a few shots and capture pretty well the same animation frame..

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20 thoughts on “I only have 12.5 million other vivid images to go ;) but I'll save those for another day :)

  1. +Steve Kruger It has changed a bit over the years, things are a bit more spread out now and this year there was not that much on in circular quay which meant you have to come back on multiple nights to really cover it all, note, i only saw a small amount, the Taronga Zoo is very cool, I did not see it in teh dark this year, but last years was very cool and worth it. The Opera house animations were teh best I have seen ever, the technical quality to them was out of this world.. THe Botanic Gardens was a let down for me – i could have gone there and just sat in the beer garden instead :) Barangaroo was a nice different touch, but still a bit meh… I will be interested to see what they bring next year – hopefully you can make it then :)

  2. Thanks +Carolyn Fahm It was quite an amazing sight and the great thing is that the animations had a good mix of fast and slow, which meant it was easier to capture the still frames over a couple seconds rather than have to push teh ISO up high to get a high shutter speed.. The animation imagery was also amazingly sharp and beautifully saturated!

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